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Welcome back to another week and all the latest search and SEO news from the week past. This week we discussed the ultimate SEO quiz; consumers feel Google search; how to get Google calendar events in the search results; is rank tracking useful in modern SEO; Google's last penguin update?; Google says don't worry too much about page speed; Google expands amp into news; New Google manual action algorithm penalty; Google ranking algorithm hits and Google on footer boilerplate content!

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This week in Search S1 E4

Welcome back to another week and all the latest search and SEO news from the week past. This week we're getting into how Google processes different algos to determine sites ranking; Google Paul Haahr on patents and SEO; Google local ranking signals; how does Google determine my local ranking; Google testing the new penguin algorithm; what is Google rankbrain; when fake good reviews are bad for business and more!

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This week in Search S1 E2

Welcome back to another week and all the latest search and SEO news from the week past. This week we're getting into the Google Q&A, 302s passing PageRank, Google's RankBrain and much more.

Here's the video version (podcast is below that);

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Does Google use click data to rank pages? Yesterday week I was watching a Hangout with (among others) Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google. At one point Rand, Eric and Ammon were talking to him about some experiences they'd tested with click data, and asked if indeed Google was using it in some form.


Long story short, Andrey couldn't really confirm nor deny the specific instances the boys mentioned, without more information. He did however imply that in some instances (shorter temporal ones) there could indeed be some ranking benefits from said signals.

That of course is interesting as Googlers have generally distanced themselves from that as being too noisy and spam-able. I myself have had that reply in the past when talking with former web spam team head, Matt Cutts.

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This week in Search S1 E1 You can stream the audio below or download it!



On Manual actions;

Google on Blogger Product reviews

Rank Brain

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Search Geeks Speak; content production and promotion In the 2nd part of a two part series on content programs and strategy, we're going to be looking at content development and promotion (on-site and off-site). 

Search Geeks Speak

Obviously we're all long heard the mantra of "content is King" over the years, but very little on how to best approach that. In the first part of the journey we looked at content audits and content strategy, (you can find that here). Now we're going to be looking at strategies geared towards the development and promotion elements.

Our guests will include;

It should be a great session... be sure to join us by going to the event page HERE or watching it live here on the site. ]]> (David Harry) Industry News Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:38:51 +0000
Google Ranking Factor #201 Around here at the SEO Training Dojo we have what we like to call a 'fight club' mentality. Essentially, what's said behind closed doors, stays there. All to often SEOs like to write about their latest tactics. For which, I am sure Google is appreciative.

But on this occasion, we just can't keep our silence. Good friend of mine (and the Dojo) Bill Slawski shared some incredible ranking factor advice that just had to be shared. And as you all know, when Bill talks, people listen.

Domain registration timing ranking factor

Did you know that the time of year that you register a domain is indeed a ranking factor? Check this thread on Google Plus out.


Ok calm down... we were just messing with ya. But it was one of the funniest threads I've seen in a while. On a more serious note, when a post such as the one we were talking about in that thread gets as much attention (tweets, likes, plusses and over on Inbound) as this one did... it's a sad fckn statement of our industry.

Anyway, Bill and I also did a Google Hangout with the Stone Temple boys this week. There's FAR more interesting tibits in there... I suggest you watch that instead.


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SEO Training Dojo - A new chapter When it comes to tools, there's lots of great ones already out there, like our friends at Majestic, Raven and of course, the Moz community. And when it comes to learning the craft through structured formats, our friends at SEO Book have it covered. So, we really didn't want to go down that road. So what's left for a search community to do?

Easy; foster community engagement and the evolution of the SEO industry.


Over the years we came to realize a few things;

  • That members interacting was the core of our website.
  • There is an ever-growing need for a private setting for people to engage and network.
  • That members interact on different platforms, not just here on the site.


So, we've listened and we've learned.



What's New At The SEO Training Dojo?

The Approach. That's what.

More than a website – some of our members like to drop by the site. Some prefer to hangout on Facebook, others on Google Plus, LinkedIn or on Skype. Some folks, a combination of those. When you join the SEO Training Dojo community you now also have access to our private groups on all of the above social networks. We are where you are.


Quality over quantity – we've also culled the membership here as well as in our various private groups around the web. You can no longer just sign-up to the SEO Dojo by giving us money. You need to be sponsored or pass a short interview process. We're not being elitist, we just want to encourage a higher level of information flow. Learn More here.


Connected community – regardless of how you use the network, we'll keep you connected. Each week members will receive an update with all the top industry news as well as the hot topics being discussed across our private channels. We know how important it is to stay on top of things and that time is precious. We'll keep you informed.


High powered networking – another thing that we've seen over the years are the members working together and outsourcing to each other. We've enable more ways to do this and combined with the member quality control, you'll be able to find the right person for the job or contracting opportunity.


We want to be your power networking platform that's intelligent, private and affordable. After nearly 5 years of community building we've learned what you want, what is needed out there, and how we can best help evolve the SEO industry.




New Look. New Approach. New Technology

Existing and past members have probably noticed by now that things have changed here lately. Believe me it's been a ton of work. From updating the systems to the design and usability, to trying to create an offering that is needed and effective. It's been a long haul. But we made it.

Yes, much of the website will still be familiar, so that's not a problem. We've simply tweaked some interfaces, updated software, added a few new features and tried to make the experience more comfortable than ever.

You can learn more about what makes up the SEO Dojo over here on this page.




Why The Changes?

I'll be honest. I do a LOT of forensic and recovery work as a consultant over the last few years. One thing that has been a bond of contention for me us the sheer amount of crap-hat SEO still going on out there. Just when it was looking like it was time for me to pack it in, the second wind kicked in.

Instead of complaining about the business owners that keep getting caught in the cross fire between Google and the less reputable providers. Sometimes you just have to strap on your warrior wear and go out and try and make a difference. So I shall try it again.

Another lesson learned as a community builder the last few years was that one has to be a bit more careful setting the bar to entry and dealing with internal drama. To be effective in change, as strong group is going to be paramount.

I will be writing a bit more about what we're doing over the next week, so do drop by again. If you're a past member, or thinking about joining us, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Interested in becoming an SEO Dojo warrior? Start your journey here.

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The SEO Training Dojo turns 4! Well folks... it's that time of year once more. The humble land that is the SEO Training Dojo community is celebrating it's 4th birthday, and we couldn't be more excited.

It's been a long road for the SEO world and we've dealt with a seemingly never-ending slew of changes with the search world and an ongoing evolution that's made it more complicated than ever to work in this thing of ours. SEO is far from dead, it's become more tactical than ever. Which is great news for us I guess, since it takes a strong community of professionals to stay on top of things.


As past of our birthday celebrations we're offering a whopping 25% discount on all of our membership packages. That means it's a great time to join up and see what you've been missing. Just use the code; DOJObday

Live and Interactive

Of the many changes and additions over the last year, one of the core elements of the community remains our live and interactive elements. From the SEO Dojo chat room on Skype to our more recent habit of holding Friday Chats via Google hangouts, crowdsourcing is the name of the game.

To get an idea of the awesomeness that is our interactive world, just check out a few of the sessions we've had over the last while;

Google Hummingbird and the land of semantic search

SEO Tools and Actionable Data

We keep a full repository of these within the community and the list of guests we've had is impressive, including;

  • Bill Slawski
  • Ammon Johns
  • John Henshaw
  • Dr Pete Myers
  • Eric Wu
  • Dom Hodgson
  • Alan Bleiweiss
  • Loren Baker
  • ... and many more

Tool Discounts on the grow

Another exiting part of this year's celebrations is the addition of our newest sponsor; Cognitive SEO. Many of the members had told us they really loved the tool set, so we decided to bring them in as part of the growing list of discounts we give to our members.



If you haven't tried out the SEO Training Dojo before, now is the time to get in and see what all the excitement is about!! Sign up using the code DOJObday and get 25% off!

See you there!

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Google Knowlege Graph Expands to Suggest Can't say that I've seen this before, nor can I seem to reproduce it with any kind of consistency. But it is something 'new', no? Friend of the Dojo, Mike Wilton, shared the discovery today after noticing it while searching for the term [tarantula]. Here's a screen to explain..


The two listings there in the Google suggest drop down seem to be entity expansions based on the knowledge graph updates and leads to query refinements like so;

[tarantula spider]



And [tarantula 1955]



And richer-snippet suggest too!

The other one I managed to find, was for the query [them] which for me, produced this;



Which leads to;



Mike's looked like;


We do know that (along with the Hummingbrid update) that Google also mentioned at the 15th birthday affair that they have made some expansions to the Knowledge graph elements of the engine. I don't recall really ever seeing these before, so do forgive me if it's not actually new. I really haven't been able to reproduce it on other queries, so if you have further examples, please do let me know.


More we found after the fact;

Here's a few more screens, as they roll in from folks we know mucking about...

[players club]





You get the idea. Anyway, it seems this is a new feature related to the expanded knowledge graph elements from last week. Have you seen any interesting ones out in the wild?


ADDED - more you can try;

  • [Young Guns] - 1988 film and band
  • [misfits] delivers one as well, band vs tv show
  • [turkey] - country and critter
  • [Kansas] - state and band
  • [Oklahoma] - state and musical
]]> (David Harry) Industry News Tue, 01 Oct 2013 16:58:57 +0000
A Search Geek's Thoughts on Google Hummingbird

Yea, I'm going there. Normally I don't jump on the bang wagon that is the flailing of the SEO industry each time Google rolls over in the night. The reasoning lies in that we generally don't know much early on and it takes time to digest things. Today, I am breaking that rule.

While I don't really have any hard insights into Google's new Hummingbird algorithm change, we have been talking amongst ourselves about some things over the last month, that are now making some more sense.



Changing how they deal with queries

A while back Terry and I were looking at some query spaces we were intimate with and noticed that something was indeed changing in how Google was doing their query classification. Of note, there seemed to be a different mix of transactional and informational results in spaces that had previously been transactional heavy. Something was afoot...

From what we do know so far, one of the elements of the Hummingbird is trying to deal with the myriad of ways that a user might go about a search task, (chain of queries to accomplish a goal).

Over the last 10 years we've seen how shorter queries have given way to longer ones. I have on occasion take my laptop to the local pub and asked people to find something (on Google). Everyone goes about it in different ways as far as the queries they use to get there. We also see that people have evolved with search and tend to use more words and be far more specific in how they query Google.

This can be a problem for a search engine that relies on keywords. Some of the elements we are seeing with the latest update do indeed seem to be dealing with query analysis. I have been talking about it in terms of 'synonymous queries'. Meaning; that while the words used in a query might differ, the goal is the same. Google might be looking at treating different queries as being the same as far as the goal of the task.

Consider queries like;

  • [where to get blue widgets]
  • [where can I find blue widgets]
  • [where to buy blue widgets]
  • [where can I buy blue widgets]

You get the idea. In the past, the subtle differences in the wording might actually produce different results. From what I am seeing so far, treating these kinds of queries the same, or as being more closely related, could be part of what has changed with Hummingbird.


The Conversational Search Connection

This I think is one of the more important elements as far as where Google seems to be headed. Obviously the foray into Android and eventual purchase of Motorola was the writing on the wall as far as Google's interest in the world of mobile.

The obvious evolution there of course is voice search. Who wants to sit there typing queries into Google on that small screen? I know I don't. So it makes sense. Now, let's also consider the recent work they did with conversational search, including voice abilities. With this they really highlight how connecting natural language and search tasks are being taken to a new level.

As an example, you can try (via Chrome);

  • [how old is Barack Obama?] - which returns a knowledge card with age and birthday
  • [who is his wife?] - returns knowledge card for Michelle Obama
  • [where was she born?] - returns a knowledge card for Chicago




Originally this was just pulling from the knowledge graph bits, but is now apparently available for the entire search core.

With this we can see how the previous search was extended into the new queries in the search task chain. And the obvious implications of natural language processing in the voice elements. People simply don't speak in keywords. Which will be key in dealing with voice/mobile search in the years to come.

As noted in this Forbes article;

“After the event, Scott Huffman, a key engineering director at Google currently working on natural language, told me that part of the impetus for the change was that as more people speak searches into phones, they’re doing so in a more natural way than they type in queries–which is to say more complicated. So Google’s search formulas needed to be able to respond to them. “


The Nuts and Bolts; Things not strings

If there's one thing we've been talking about here in the Dojo for the last while.... it's about keywords. Or, more succinctly, the end of them.

Over the years search has become less and less about keywords and more about concepts. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Using synonyms, is not what 'semantic search' is all about. Modern search engines seek to try and understand the concepts and relations of the content on a page. This post from 2010, shows how long I've been rambling about it...sigh...

Anyway, don't wanna pull a muscle trying to pat myself on the back, so let's move along shall we?

It's not a huge leap for us to start to see this manifesting more with Hummingbird. Through a combination of natural language processing, query data and semantic analysis, there is a far more implicit behavioural element that is becoming part of the natural evolution.

Bill had a great post the other day about one patent that might be part of this evolution. It deals with some elements (via query analysis) that can surface content that satisfies the user, although they maybe used different approaches (queries and query reformatting) to reach the same end result. The old Google would, for the most part, see the words in the query, not really trying to establish the implicit elements of the search task being performed. This does seem to be changing.

Again, this all plays back to the concepts, not keywords, approach to how they're understanding pages as well as the queries users are implementing. To extend this, we need look no further than the knowledge graph


The Knowledge Graph Connection

While I am not entirely sold that Hummingbird is really about the ol' KG, (which was also apparently updated recently as well) it is probably is worth looking at. One thing we do know is that this is another more recent commitment from Google in the evolution of the results. And indeed we can see the knowledge base 'cards' showing up in conversational search, a stated goal for the Hummingbird implementation.

Google has become a destination, not just a search engine. One such example we've seen recently include queries such as;

[madonna albums]


[madonna songs]


As you click around these results they produce further refinements and plenty of knowledge graph elements. Next let's look at a bunch of examples Stephen Watts shared, using Google conversational search;




Again, while I don't believe there's a direct connection with Hummingbird, it does further highlight the concepts and named entity aspects of the evolution. Not to mention the madness happening in the display changes.


What does it mean for SEO?

That's the the big question right? That one's hard to answer. We really don't know enough at this point to really make any assumptions. For those that have already been evolving, getting past keywords, then I doubt a whole lot would need to be changed. On the other hand, if the loss of keyword data recently was a crushing blow, you might have already been behind the times.

Start thinking of things in the form of concepts and semantic baskets, not keywords. In the past you may have created multiple pages to target multiple terms... you know, the ol eHow approach;

  • [how to fix a vacuum cleaner]
  • [how to repair a vacuum cleaner]
  • [how do I fix my vacuum cleaner]

In the past, we might actually target a page to each of those terms. Due to the fact Google was so keyword centric, this type of approach was often quite successful. Given that we could start seeing more implicit predictive results towards potentially synonymous queries, that might not be the case in the near future.


When we're creating content for pages we need to get beyond simplified keyword centric approaches. Google sure is. My instinct is that there will be less meat on the bone for overly targeted pages focused on a given term. Changes in query analysis means that your content should be strong on the concepts and related concepts (as well as citations etc) contained on them.

I would also venture to say that those involved in markets that are heavy in mobile, that you will have to also consider how the queries will be formatted, compared to reg desktop style searching. If you read this post (for mobile) that looks at geo-location and behavioural elements, you can start to see where something like Google's Hummingbird, could play a prominent role.

Beyond that, I am not entirely sure how it will affect things beyond targeting and page mapping. It's far too early for that. Many of the same signals used in rankings are still in play. In fact, probably most of them. It is more about the query analysis and by extension, the results returned as far as I can tell so far. I would imagine that semantic mark-up will be more prominent, but I am not convinced that has anything to do with Hummingbird itself.

Early days. As I get more time to think and play with things, I shall post some more. Feel free to drop your own theories in the comments, all are welcomed.


And as you go, it bears reading this post from Google on it, there's a TON of mobile phone pics... Coincidence? He he...

]]> (David Harry) Industry News Sat, 28 Sep 2013 15:33:33 +0000
New Tool; Finding Manual Spam Penalties from Google Interestingly enough I was sitting here writing about Google's manual actions. A two part series actually on the types of actions and a history of replies from Google. Then, because the SEO Dojo chat room is soooooo awesome, one of our uber geeks, Wissam Dandan, passed me this;

View manual webspam actions in Webmaster Tools

While they are still going to be sending out messages on manual actions, this tool can be used for a quick real time check on a domain. The tool breaks things down into;

  • Site Wide Matches – which is a manual action that is penalizing the entire site
  • Partial Matches – which is described as, “Some manual actions apply to specific pages sections or links”

Here's an example;


In this example they even state the 'reason'... which in this case was some 'User Generated Spam'. I have no idea how good the examples will be moving forward, but I'll be sure to post them as they come to light.

The Google post goes on to say,

Now, when you visit the reconsideration request page, you’ll be able to check your site for manual actions, and then request reconsideration only if there’s a manual action applied to your site. If you do have a webspam issue to address, you can do so directly from the Manual Actions page by clicking "Request a review."

Seemingly they are seeking to streamline the process as far as identification and reconsideration. Hopefully they give more details this way as far as what is actually affecting the site. I for one, would appreciate that when coming in to clean up another SEO's mess.

Anyway, back to my writing. Stay tuned over the next few days for more on Google manual actions and their history.




I have been asking folks to send me any examples they get from using the tool. Here's the first one that was sent to me;

"Partial matches Some manual actions apply to specific pages, sections, or links"

And the 'Reason' given was;

"Unnatural links to your site—impacts links Google has detected a pattern of unnatural artificial, deceptive, or manipulative links pointing to pages on this site. Some links may be outside of the webmaster’s control, so for this incident we are taking targeted action on the unnatural links instead of on the site’s ranking as a whole. Learn more."

I have seen a few of these, (6 so far) all 'Partial', which is interesting. I'd always kind of assumed they were site wide.

The next one someone shared was;

Applied to all pages of the site.


Thin content with little or no added value
This site appears to contain a significant percentage of low-quality or shallow pages which do not provide users with much added value (such as thin affiliate pages, cookie-cutter sites, doorway pages, automatically generated content, or copied content).

Then there's UGC,

"Partial matches Some manual actions apply to specific pages, sections, or links"


Pages from this site appear to contain spammy user-generated content. The problematic content may appear on forum pages, guestbook pages, or user profiles. 

I shall add more (unique) one's as I find 'em


Andrew Shotland also started a collection here. He found;

  • Unnatural Links - Partial
  • User-generated SPAM – Partial Match
  • Unnatural Links From Your Site - Site Wide
  • Thin Content With Little or No Added Value – Partial Match
Added August 08 2014; I finally started to formally offer forensic SEO services. If you need help, feel free to get in touch.]]> (David Harry) Industry News Thu, 08 Aug 2013 19:32:09 +0000
The Regulators Search News; LIVE! Yup it's true, we started a little experiment last week by doing the show LIVE over on Google Plus Hangouts. We enjoyed it so much, we're going to be doing it that way moving forward.

The Regulators

Yes, we'll still be doing it in podcast version as well... so if you listen to the show here on the site or via iTunes, no worries, we'll still be doing that as well. We've simply added to the format.

Anyway, be sure to come check out the show today here or watch it later on the official show page. You can find last week's episode here.

See ya on the trails!

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SEO Friday Chat; Live & Interactive Hey gang, just a quick update to let you know about some things we've been changing with the Friday chat sessions.

For starters, about a month ago we started doing them live, via Google Hangouts. This seemed like a natural evolution from the previous text chat's on Skype. Sure, you can still drop in there and engage during the sessions, we've just stepped it up some.


While the sessions are live and accessible to the public during the broadcast, we do take them down afterwards and add them to an archive for the members only. You can now find these on the site here (need to be logged in).

The first two included, (again, need to be logged in);

On those pages you will find the video from the session as well as any notes of interest and links that came up along the way.

For those of you that aren't members, you can (obviously?) sign up and never miss a moment, or you can follow our activity over on Facebook or Google Plus for details each week. Our members get the first crack at an actual seat in the session each week, an added benefit.

I look forward to seeing members and non-members alike over the coming months. We've been enjoying them so far.

ALSO; we have a POLL on the home page so you can tell us which topic you like for an upcoming session.


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What a crazy 10 days of geeking looks like.... Over the last week or so I have been out and about posting and yakking... A LOT. No really, even for me. It's all just kinda nutty when I look at it in aggregate. Anyway, for those interested....

Here's the trail;


As always I have been writing stuff, but over the last week or so I seemed to be going a little mental with it. Some days I just can't stop the voices, so I hafta let it out!

How Google Sees Your Website – (via BrowSEO) is one of the geekier posts I've done in a long while. We take a look at many of the core elements of how Google looks at a web page and site. Good for the intermediate and expert alike. For me it's all about understanding how a search engine works.

Google on Guest Blogging; be afraid, be very afraid – with all the recent chatter out of Google about guest posting/blogging, it seemed time to address it again, (first time in a year for me). While the sky may not be falling, there's indeed a lot of sh*t to consider. Be sure to check it out.

SEO Quick Wins: Google Query Data – this month on SEW I decided to actually give a few tidbits that might actually be usable. I've talked about it in the Dojo and started using it more for clients. We'll be adding it to the Study Hall (with expanded notes) real soon.

Live Geeking

Let it also not be said we Gypsies are shy. I managed to end up on a few Google Hangouts and podcasts this last week as well. Whew... are you getting tired yet? I know I am... BURNOUT!

Link Audits & Forensic SEO Google Hangout – I sat in on a recent Google Plus Hangout on Air recently with Sifu Terry. It was some great fun as always and we got a lot covered. It's worth the time to watch... plenty to digest!

Dealing with Google Penguin Algorithm Problems – was a quick 15min cameo (I came in around 40 mins) over on Webcology via Webmaster Radio. Jim apparently wanted to get me riled up then leave me steaming... like a sucka' I fell for it!

Social is the new SEO Hangout – well, if ya didn't guess by the name of it, I kinda went a bit mental. I had left a message in Yifat's status update about the whole 'new SEO' and so they let me come on near the end to state my case a bit. Mighty big of 'em IMO. I drop by somewhere just after the 1hr mark or so... (1hr 13min)

The Regulators... and of course we did the Regulators podcast last week as always... Good fun. Good show. Check it out if you missed it.



For the Dojo members

And just when ya thought that was it... We also had a great SEO Dojo Friday Chat live hangout last Friday on Audits, with our special guest; Alan Blewiess. While that's no longer publicly available, we'll be publishing it in the Dojo for the members in a day or so.... was an awesome show. And yes, yet another reason to come join the SEO Dojo... NOW!

This week's chat is going to be about Web Spam, so it should be kinda fun as well... watch for the event on the SEO Training Dojo G+ Page.


Coming up

Keyword data and tracking; We'll be doing a Live Hangout on Air via SNC this week (Tuesday July 16th) with Bill Slawski, Eric Wu and Dana Lookadoo (and my cohost Jim Hedger). Be sure to check that out as well... the Event Listing is Here and the Live Broadcast page linked above..

All things Majestic SEO - and yes, just to make sure I completely insane, I am also going to be hanging with Terry and his guest Dixon Jones (from Majestic SEO) on Wednesday. We'll be picking his brain and getting uber geeky fer sure. Watch the SEO Pros page for more.


Whew... busy as sh*t... but a geek has to keep the faith. Until next time... play safe.

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SEO Dojo Updates; Google Webmaster Tools sections, new social channels and more Hey gang, Dave here with a bit of an update. For those paying attention you may have noticed we're branching out in a few directions lately;

New Google Webmaster Tools section

Over in the Study Hall, we recently started adding some content in the form of a series on Google Webmaster tools. We covered these in a recent Friday Chat session and now we're going to publish what we learned.


You can add your own thoughts and questions into the comments of each as they'll essentially be living documents. We shall continue to build them out. We'll be covering the core areas of Google Webmaster Tools and then some specifics later on (such as deeper digging into Query Data etc).

For starters we have;

  • GWT Part I – Configuration
  • GWT Part II – Site Health

Just head on over to the Study Hall to check those out! Here's the (short version) videos for those, complete descriptions can be found on the site;



You Tube Channel

And yes, we're also becoming more active in our Dojo YT channel in the form of better organization of the archived videos and adding some new ones of our own. If you're not already following us, be sure to do so NOW!

Oh and I created a new Channel Trailer, have a look;

Be sure to head on over and subscribe!

Study Hall Format Changes

Over the next while we'll be changing how the content in the Study Hall is presented. In particular, we removed a column to allow users to focus on the content (less distractions) and we're going to add a video to each and every piece of content to make those into visual learning, more at home.

This will be happening over the next few months. Stay tuned!

Getting Social

We've also decided to go where our members are. Meaning, if you're on Facebook, we can hang there. If you're on Google Plus? Same deal. Be sure to hook up with us to get the full force of the community.

Facebook Private Group – this is for Dojo members and we hang out chatting over things that make us go hmmmmmm (or cry). Need access? Just apply on the page.

Google Plus Community – this one is a public format, so anyone can join. We'll be getting geeky and sharing bits of interest that we find.


And hey, if you're not already a member, be sure to sign up and join us!


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The SEO Dojo is 3 Years Old; come see all the new changes! It's that time again... the SEO Dojo is now 3 years old... and we're changing things up!

We've had a great ride over the years and have met and mingled with SEO professionals from across the world. I'd like to formally thank all those that have supported us and of course, the members that make it all possible. We've been making some big changes this week... so let's take a look at what's new!

SEO Training Dojo Turns 3


Time to get social

While we've built a formidable repository of reading, resources, videos, podcasts and more... the one thing that has emerged as our strong suit is networking. From members crowd-sourcing on the forum and chat room to them actually hiring each other and working together, it's become the most valuable asset we have.

This year we're going to start putting more emphasis on the social networking elements of the community. By default when you log in it will now default to your social stream;

Social stream

Aocial Stream 2



You can navigate from the top menu or use the side menu that isn't all that unfamiliar with websites like Facebook or other social networks you may already be using. You can manage your friends list, start and participate in groups, post images and more.

These changes will make it easier than ever to get to know other members and grow your own personal network. Feel free to start a group and invite other members to come hang out with you.





Build a strong profile

We also encourage you to build out your profile and add the various applications that are now available. Some of the more interesting ones include;

  • Skype – include your Skype handle and status
  • Pictures – let folks see your world or post screen shots of SERPs and more
  • Friends Map – through Google Maps, see where your friends are
  • RSS Feed – add a feed to your blog
  • Fav Videos – mark videos as favs in the video library
  • Twitter – include your Twitter stream
  • Forum posts – add the forum app to display your latest activity.

See below;
Dojo Profile

We can haz blog?

Another thing that we've added by popular request is a new blog on the SEO Training Dojo for the members to use. We've just launched it today and the inaugural post is from yours truly on a recent topic we covered in the Friday chats; What to track in case of lost traffic; a forensic blueprint

The blog will be open and available for any of the members to use. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on it, but just like our sister site Search News Central, I believe that heavy handed editorial muzzling should be kept to a minimum. Feel free to put your own thoughts out there.

SEO Dojo Blog

Give it a whirl...


Not A Member? Get a discount!

Not a member? Well...duh. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. And if you want to be a part of the birthday bash, we're giving you a discount code to get started.

SEO Dojo Discount Code; DojoBday3

This code is good for 25% off of any membership plan and will work up until November 16th 2012. Not only do you get access to the community and all the resources, you cna also get a discount on great tools from our sponsors (with 6-12 month plans). So don't wait... sign up today!

For the members reading this, I encourage you to drop by the site and start playing with the many new features. If you see any bugs, which I am sure you will, just let me know and we'll get them squashed ASAP.

Here's to another great year! Thanks again for all the support.

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