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In this section we have posted various ongoing changes at Google from their set of weather reports as well as known dates and information related to Panda and Penguin. The main goal here was a reference point for those seeking to diagnose problems they may be having. If you're not sure how to do that, this article might help; Google Penalty or Algorithm Change: Dealing With Lost Traffic

It is also an interesting repository to get a sense of where Google is headed. It's all part of the evolution.

  • Panda and Penguin Updates
    Google Panda and Penguin Resources

    This section has a chronological list of Penguin and Panda Updates, as verified by Google. The main goal for this is to have a quick, at a glance, reference for those seeking to diagnose issues.

    We have also posted various articles, podcasts, videos and other resources we have on them from around the web. If you've lost Google traffic (and haven't gotten a manual action message in Webmaster Tools) this is a great place to start the diagnosis and recovery process

  • Google Search Quality Updates
    Google Search Quality Updates

    This section contains an ongoing collection of Google search quality updates organized by category and then by (internal Google) project names. The idea here is to keep an ongoing running tally of what they are up to. These have been taken from the monthly Google search quality updates that they post on their blog.

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