SEO Dojo Member Testimonials

We've been open to the public for two years and in that time the Dojo has seen a great deal of knowledge exchange in the forums and Dojo Skype chat room. Terry (Webmaster T) has joined Dave's team and together they are adding new features as often as they can. We asked some of the newer memebers to give us some feedback...

Here's some of what we got back;

Dave Harry and Terry Van Horne have done a wonderful job developing the SEODojo over the last two years, the community spirit is strong with people freely sharing their SEO and marketing experiences. If I need to know about the latest patent writing, or have a more technical issue explained in detail, I head for the Dojo. Dave and Terry do a great job simplifying complex issues so they're easy to understand. But it's not all work at the Dojo, there's also a lot of fun going on. The community is friendly and always willing to share a story or two, the regulars make sure newbie's feel welcome and are part of the conversation. If you're looking for a place to learn, network and just have fun, consider joining the SEODojo.

Debra Mastaler- Link Marketer
Website: Alliance Link

I think I have tried every SEO community around over the past decade plus, and the SEO Training Dojo community is the main one I pay attention to at all anymore. Only question I have is: Why are you not part of it?

William Cross - Co-Founder
Website: Droidoo.com

"I earned back my whole annual subscription fee to the Dojo in the first weekly Dojo chat session I attended. There is such an incredible amount of value in being part of this community, where all aspects of SEO are openly discussed and tips & advice freely shared. If you're at all serious about SEO, a Dojo membership is just about the smartest thing you can spend money on."

Barry Adams - Senior Digital Marketer for Search Company: Pierce Communications
Website: Great websites Blog

People often ask me where I have been hiding - the Dojo is my "home from home", my "local", and my SEO help line rolled into one.

Andy Beard - Blogger
Website: Andy's Blog

I joined the Dojo a little over a year ago, via a friend (thanks, DazzlinDonna), and originally thought I’d try it for just a month. Within a week, I was hooked! I’d spent the last 3-1/2 years hanging out on various SEO and marketing forums, trying to absorb as much SEO knowledge as I could find, but soon realized that I’d have learned 10x as much in the Dojo, if only I’d discovered it sooner.

Dave & Terry have built a vibrant community of professionals, representing virtually every aspect of the on-line world, that I am proud to be a part of. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new in the Dojo. I’ve gotten to know some great people from all over the world, all of them quick to step up when someone needs help and just as quick to give a friendly jab when the opportunity arises. Of all the places to learn how to do things and how to think about search and optimization, The Dojo is the single most valuable resource for wisdom that I would recommend to anyone that is eager to expand their knowledge in SEO and SEM.

Doc Sheldon - Writer and Marketer
Website: Doc Sheldon's Blog

Seriously the SEO Dojo is the bollocks. If you find yourself wondering if you know things when really you would love to be sure that you know what you should know then the Dojo is the place to be.

With all level of individuals from new starts to the hypergeek, the atmosphere is friendly and cordial. The experience and expertise is unlimited.

Stop wasting your time messing about online, jumping from one site or forum to another. I would go so far as to say that you’re an idiot if you’re not taking advantage of what the Dojo has on offer.

So get feckin’ serious. Also, we talk about alcohol a lot as no one has invented a way to drink online yet.

Justin Parks - Dojo Radio Host
Social Media Consultant

The SEO Dojo is the best place to network, learn and gain powerful SEO Mojo from top SEO Mofos.

George Sepich- Surefire Publishing Group
Website: Talk Marketing Now

The minute I saw that the SEO Dojo would be launched (two years ago) I decided to opt-in, and I don't regret it. It's a community of SEO-geeks that treat each other with respect, share valuable knowledge, and laughs They all share a common goal, which is to watch search engine technology closely, in order to better understand, and maybe even predict, what is real about search engines and what is not.

For me, the chatroom and the library are the most interesting, but there's plenty more, depending on your information-need. I've recommended the Dojo to several of my friends, and will continue to do so.

Monchito - Marketer
Website: Monchito's Blog

“Check out the SEO Dojo” is probably one of the best bits of SEO advice I’ve been given in my SEO career. Joining the Dojo opened the door to a fantastic community of search geeks from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels. It didn’t take long to see there are people here that seriously know their shit! That said egos are left at the Dojo door allowing everyone to pitch in, ask questions, offer opinions and share experiences without fear of being burned. Everyone in the Dojo is here for the same thing, to be the best we can be at what we do. If you want to really be good at this stuff and you’re not a member of the Dojo you’re not doing it right!

David Ross – online marketing consultant
Website: jarrettandlam.com

Original SEO Dojo Member Testimonials

While we're only now opening to the public, we've actually had a band of SEOs, web developers, marketers and bloggers already hanging out with us here. These passionate folks have been invaluable in creating a community that we felt would be of value to the world. I asked for some thoughts, the reactions were nothing short of humbling.

Here's some of what we got back;

When David Harry invited me to join, I was honored, but I had no idea of the full impact I'd experience by joining this band of search warriors.

The SEO Dojo has made a difference in my career. I've been working as an SEO consultant since 2003. I moved back to California two years ago, and I've working solo since then and have missed having a team. I'm a member of a number of search communities, yet the SEO Dojo is the first time I've felt like I was really part of a family. Fellow Dojos recently helped me as I contemplated a career move to join an online marketing agency. I took the plunge from entrepreneur to employee - a huge paradigm shift. They reminded me there is strength in numbers when one associates with like minds. The Dojo offers just that - community strength!

David has been an ideal model of leadership. Oh, wait...he's a gypsy right? His unique approach to leading this merry band demonstrates loyalty and dedication. The time and energy TheGypsy devotes to the Dojos has enriched lives by providing a safe place to share information, to help each other, and to empower fellow search geeks in their careers.

DanaLookadoo begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlightingThank you, David!

Dana Lookadoo
VP, Online Marketing Director, Blast Advanced Media
Personal Blog: DanaLookadoo.com

The SEO Dojo is the best community of SEO geeks in the world. Period! I really enjoy the technical depth and the focus on SEO that is backed by careful research and experimentation. Hamlet BatistaHighly recommended.

Hamlet Batista – President
Rank Sense SEO Software


I've been privileged to be part of the SEO Dojo since the beginning. What I like most about the dojo is it's all the good stuff without the fluff. The people inside are not sensationalizing or promoting anything. Just real and honest people sharing what they know.

It's about teaching and learning from each other in the spirit of the dojo.

Dave has set up a truly great place where you can learn SEO from
elementary to advanced topics with a group of fellow SEOs who are happy
Steven Bradleyto share what they know.

Steven Bradley- WordPress Expert
Van SEO Design


Lets get straight to the point here.

If you’re the best Search Engine optimiser in the world, or if your completely new to the industry, there are very few places that manage to bring together these differing levels of experience and expertise without creating divides and barriers. The SEO Dojo at huomah.com manages to do just this and it works, it really works.

The reason being is that no one ever looks down on you in the Dojo.

Sure we can have arguments, heated discussions and disagreements, but they all respect one single fact, “No one knows everything”. Because of this attitude the community has grown in numbers and strength, not quickly, its not for everyone, but steadily, allowing the members to become familiar with each other and build solid relationships and respect for their respective areas of knowledge and expertise. This screams longevity to me and a solid base upon which to build when you work on the internet and all its variations and forms.

I thought I knew a lot when I joined the Dojo, after all, I have been doing SEO for about 8 years but I had only scraped the surface. Over the time I have been a member I have met, and enjoyed immensely, the company of some of the most dedicated, resourceful, educated and professional people in the business. The value of this alone has been completely and utterly priceless.

If you have any real passion and desire to learn more, then the Dojo is the place to be.

justinparksJustin Parks
SEO and Social Media Consultant

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This is a great venue for anyone who really wants to be on the forefront of SEO developments and in contact with knowledgeable SEO experts who evaluate what really works in search engine optimization. There are a lot of myths and untruths that circulate in the SEO world and they get short shrift here.

David has attracted serious participants who are willing to speak their mind and test their bwelfordassumptions.

Barry Welford
Internet Marketing Consultant


I can't express the feeling when I first came to this community after receiving the great honor of becoming a pre-release member : it felt like a door opened and there was a treasure in front of you. Not only the collection of tools - all of them useful, patent references and variety of topics, but it's the people that form the community on the Dojo is the factor that makes it outstanding. Everyone there is "both teacher and student", everyone is willing to give helpful reply, share wisdom and learn from the rest.

seokungfuBeing a member of the Dojo from its dawn helped me boost my knowledge and
understanding and made my learning curve skyrocket steep.

Boris, aka SeoKungFu


It’s pretty well known that a successful and profitable website needs to be built with SEO in mind.

Unfortunately, nowadays, you will find many people giving SEO advice that may even work for a short while but will get you penalised down the road. Dave, on the other hand, doesn’t teach those methods. His advice is precisely the right kind of thing to listen to for building your online presence.

Not only that, many of the members in the community are top notch professionals from different backgrounds in their own area of expertise. Their willingness to share with each other is the kind of “content” that you simply won’t find anywhere else. That’s why discovering the Dojo was a real “find” for me personally. It’s refreshing to get answers to our questions that are well thought out and come from years of research and testing.

If you’re looking to build a long term foundation for your online business or for your clients erenmckaythen I strongly suggest being a part of this community.

Eren McKay
Mommy Blogger at Embracing Home


David Harry's SEO Dojo is an invaluable community of search experts that study SEO from the perspect of intellectual analysis and pragmatic exploration. For many of its members joehallunderstanding SEO is to understand the search engine from the inside out.

Joe Hall - Software Engineer
WhosTalkin.com - JOZSOFT.com


I've found the Dojo both an invaluable learning tool, and the best place online to network with likeminded professionals. The introductions I have received as part of the community have been worth my membership alone.

Friday chats on SEO are a particular highlight, and there is a real sense of worth within the webirelandcommunity for all members, from the newbie, right up to the seasoned pro.

Paul Anthony


The SEO Dojo has some great resources I have used to huge effect and the knowledge and help from other members I have received has been invaluable in rescuing a problematic website recently.


Daniel McLean
Binary Webs


The SEO Dojo is one of the best meetings of the SEO minds I have come across. If you have a question, a problem, an idea, or just an observation, the awesome members of the Dojo are there with a quick response and the most friendly and helpful input you can find. Great ShirleyTipsyinformation and respectful colleagues, what more could you ask for?

Audrey Seiberling
In-house SEO


After taking some time away from the SEO and IM scene this year to spend more time with my family after the birth of my son I was extremely grateful to Dave when he brought me on board as a late-comer to the SEO Dojo. I was amazed by the amount of solid, practical information contained there, ranging from the huge collection of SEO videos and details of useful SEO tools found in the Dojo's "Weapons Room."

More than anything though, the thing that impressed me most was the sense of community that had built up among the Dojo's members. Coming in as "the new guy" I was still made to feel welcome both by the folks I already had established relationships with in other communities on the web and by people I had never met before joining the Dojo.

With the wealth of information and Q&As already contained in the forums and the weekly chat session for Dojo members there's never any shortage of people who are more than happy to lend their experience and advice when needed and the community spirit among Dojo members is clearly just going to grow and grow.

I can't recommend the SEO Dojo highly enough. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of SEO and Internet Marketing or an old hand looking to expand your knowledge and make contact with a lot of very smart people in a friendly and private forum, this is the TheKenJonesplace to be

Ken Jones - SEO Consultant
SE Ops Center


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Or Sponsors Speak!

The folks from Rave SEO Toolswere so excited, they came on board... How cool is that? Here's what they had to say;


HuoMah's SEO Dojo is an island oasis in an otherwise sea of poorly thought out SEO advice. I depend on the Dojo and it's community to stay up-to-date on search marketing trends and to help me filter out the noise. I especially like David Harry's no-nonsense Ravenapproach to SEO and his in-depth research into search engine patents.

Jon Henshaw - Co-Creator and Product Manager
Raven SEO Tools


Being a member of the SEO Dojo should be a prerequisite for any serious Search Marketer. It's full of actionable information that is useful for industry beginners and veterans alike.

It's the only SEO community I visit on a regular basis. Highly recommended. If you're serious RavenGeordieabout Search, join the Dojo.

Lee Smith Bryan - Educational Czar
Raven Internet Marketing Tools


We also have many emails and other commentary from those that have enjoyed the SEO Dojo over the last while... We'd like to just say THANKS back because it really is the people that make a community. We couldn't do it without you!

More? Why not...

SEO Dojo is a high caliber resource powered by some of the best SEOs in the industry. The Dojo contains a wealth of actionable information and resources found nowhere else. If you're Wave Shoppeserious about succeeding online, you definitely want to be a member.

Charles Stankovitch
Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts


Since it's start, the SEO Dojo has been an amazing community for sharing SEO information and interacting with fellow SEO's. The community of SEO's thus far has been amazing and everyone participating has been very helpful and respectful of it's members. Helping beginners to experts, everyone is treated as an equal with courtesy and respect.

Partnered with it's weekly newsletter the SEO Dojo can provide SEO's both old and new with a wealth of valuable information and up to date industry news, but what makes it even more valuable is that it focuses on what matters and filters out all the SEO fluff. Whether you're looking to network with fellow SEO's, gain some serious search knowledge, or are simply looking for one more weapon to add to your search arsenal, the SEO Dojo is definitely mwilton13worth the investment.

Mike Wilton - In-house SEO
Never More Search


In the world of SEO, the challenge is to sort the real information from the guesswork. SEO amabaieDojo is doing just that.

David Leonhardt, [on Twitter ]
President - The Happy Guy Marketing


I've had the pleasure of being part of the the beta test for the SEO Dojo, and have found it an extremely useful, collaborative and professional search community. David Harry is a rogue search and social master warrior, providing an online SEO destination without the ego. Whether you're a seasoned a professional or just starting out, the Dojo is your safe haven.

monicawrightMonica Wright - In House SEO
And black belt search geek


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