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SEO Newsletter February 07 2012

Lead Story

Paid local inclusion and the drama chain

Last week was an interesting one with the big (?) story being an odd one where Bruce Clay International launched a program and website called; Paid Local Inclusion. The premise being that you could pay to get organic local listings. Obviously everyone went mental and madness ensued.

Here's a few posts of interest;

Local Paid Inclusion scandal

Now, I could get into the story itself, but you can read up on it if you haven't already. What eventually became the interesting part for me was the way it gripped the industry, started some in-fighting and otherwise became a focus for many. You see, us old dogs have seen one drama after another and one thing that is always the case; we won't care in a few weeks.

We seem to feed off them and January was a banner month between this and the many mis-steps by Google. I usually stay away from them and in this case, I probably should have. So, let's get on with the REAL stuff from last week.You know, things that can actually help us do this thing of ours.


SEO Newsletter January 30 2012

Lead Story

Link Whores and Hype Merchants

Ok, sure, this one isn't exactly 'News' nor a 'Lead Story' per se, but it was something that got me scratching my head about how some SEOs do things or percieve the world around them. Here, let me share first;

Google SEO: Changing On Page Text Have Ranking Effect In 2012? Search Engine Roundtable

REALLY?? In case you don't have the time to read up, here's a snippet;

"(...) a very respected and senior member at the forums said he made on-page text changes to his pages about 10 days ago and those changes had zero impact on his Google rankings. He was wondering the value of on-page text and SEO have in 2012. He said, "I have always have this suspicion, that text on site is just for google to what its about, but almost zero value for rankings.""

Double facepalm

For starters, that is one of the craziest things I've heard in awhile and speaks to the addiction many SEOs have with links. They essentially can't see the forest for the trees. As someone that has spent most of his carreer learning about how search engines work, it's akin to saying the entire IR (information retrieval) world might as well pack it in, "We have PageRank. No need for any other signals". Which of course is just silly.

Secondly, testing. I can't tell you how many times I end up face-palming because of some statement made after changes to 1 page, on 1 site etc. It shows you absolutely nothing. Anyway... that's my bitch of the week... Onwards shall we?


SEO Newsletter January 24 2012

Lead Story

GooPLA - the Google Page Layout Algorithm

Once more Google announced a new change in how they deal with search quality. And again, managed to shoot themselves in the foot.

this time around it was about the (dubbed by me) GooPLA which will apparently affect only 1% of queries and is designed to incur a dampening factor on sites that have an egregious level of real estate above the fold taken up with advertising. Of course many folks were quick to point out a lot of Googe's own SERPs fly in the face of that.

To that, Google responded by saying it is about the level of such activity (percentage of pages?). And that only a small percentage of search results look that way. Uh huh. Anyway, here's s abunch of coverage for ya;.

As I mentioned in my own post on it all, what was mostly interesting for me was the fact that we have more insight into the use ot page segmentation methods and even a new name for the lexicon (again, I have taken to calling the algo, not the update; GooPLA).

Due to it only being some 1%, (for now) most of you won't have to be overly concerned about it. What about large on-site graphics? From what we can tell and what we know, it isn't affecting sites such as ecommerce where big ass graphics are the standard operating procedure for home pages.

This is, so far, only about ads (sales txt, txt in image, outbound link, aff link etc..)

We'll see where it leads.


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