Friday, April 18, 2014
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SEO Geeks News Vol 17

Talk of the town

Nofollow fall out – while there was more grumbling on the DF front, I’ll pass alonog Sebastians offering. Most enjoyable… and a hat tip to Rand as well. Further thoughts can also be found from Econsultancy and Aaron takes a shot at the experts and their experiments in; Worthless Hype

Google and bounce rates – seems a SEJ post brought back the ghosts of bounce rates as ranking signals (in the comments) which CJ gave a quick smack down to ( you go girl!!) - Speaking of comments, I had to leave one on; Bounce rate or links? Which is more important?

Google to launch Twitter, erm..I mean Microblogging search

Bing is looking good – while early data is unreliable, seems some folks are enjoying Bing (peer review)

Understanding federated link building - Eric Ward had an interesting primer worth a gander.

Google Mapping Out Its Search Results – Frank Watson drops by SEJ for some interesting analysis of the Maps in the main SERPs.

Should links be relevant or credible? It’s the age old question and at the end of the day, I’d like both please :0)

Search engines want to eliminate domain names – is an interesting post (and supposition) from John Andrews… the comments are always interesting as well.

Google indexing Flash (even?) better – from the Google webmaster central blog


SEO Geeks News Vol 16

Talk of the town

SEOs are criminals - well, another week another drama huh? This week we have more fun borne from SMX. While not entirely geeky (more link bait and tin foil) but since I decided to jump in as did my fav gals at Bruce Clay (Hi Virginia and Sus'!)... we not ride along and add your thoughts;

Google profiles SEOs - where Michael began the parade.
Android Phones For Links SMX Advanced 2009 -actual video of Matt fielding the now infamous links for phones brew ha ha

SEOs are Criminals - from Lisa over at OM as she took it to the next level
Profiling SEO operators of interest - was Rands offering..

Google doesn't think SEOs are criminals - was Susan's rebuttal...
What Google owes you - even CJ got in on the action!

SEOs are not criminals they're the enemy! - ...because I just couldn't help myself :0)

You know, we haven't had this much fun with a drama since the days of 'SEO standards' or 'SEO Ethics' - ain't it great? lol... now back to more interesting stuff, shall we?


How does one follow that?? Dunno... but here are some tidbits of interest I came across...


Wikipedia back in the news - or at least Google news. SEL was reporting that Google ews confirmed adding more prominence to Wiki entries.

Out-optimizing the optimizers - Michael Martinez is still putting out great content and this was my fav from him last week.
7 Rules for Writing URL - Matt McGee shared a list of best practices for choosing URLs and explaisn why they matter.
Microsoft releases Search Engine Optimization Toolkit - good review of a Microsoft release of an IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit
The Simple Math of PageRank Sculpting - Leslie takes a stab at sculpting by the numbers
Using Viral Email To Build Links - Debra looks at a Washington post viral fail and lessons learned.
30+ Advanced SEO Tactics, Techniques and Resources (55+ Links) - while I never really know wtf 'advanced' SEO actually is, Tad takes a run at listing his ideas and a link fest to boot - a good read.

SEO Geeks News Vol 15

Tip of the week

Losing rankings? Traffic? Don’t panic.

One thing I have a great deal of experience in is dealing with (possible) Google penalties. From self inflicted wounds (such as buying/selling links) to sneak attacks (baddies hacking in) I’ve seen ‘em all.

What is quite common though, are people coming to me freaking out only to find that it was noting more than a data center blip or other temporary situation. And that’s your tip this week – don’t freak out!!

The folks at SEJ had a reasonable checklist the other day; 10 ways to diagnose a Google penalty – give it a read.


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