Thursday, April 17, 2014
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SEO Geeks Newsletter 14

Talk of the town

Bing this!! Also launched over the weekend was Microsoft’s new entry; Bing. Here is some of the coverage last week;
Search Engine Land
- Search Engine Watch - Marketing Pilgrim

Local Search Ranking factors – if you haven’t checked out this year’s edition from David, do so..go..bookmark.. memorize!!

503 Service Unavailable Status Code Can Kill Your Search Traffic – fellow Collective Thinker, Andy Beard is back in the blogging swing…good to see!

The Next Frontier In Search Marketing; Forbes (of all places) reports that -CMOs and ad agencies can wring lots of value from organic Web search results – who knew?

Writing Content for Small Businesses Online – Bill (Slawski) takes a nice depart from the patent/research scene and looks at how content development and searcher intent can be used together.

Google Testing More Inline Images In Web Search Results – Barry reporting via SEL

Rich Snippets Showing in Google US & Beyond? – this time Barry via SER… that guy’s gonna get a multiple personality issue soon…

Site Audit; Guerrilla style – not a comprehensive guide, but good for doing some quick overview analysis (especially competitors).

Free Links: The Three Principles – Mel (Nathan) dropped a link goodiness post over at search engine people. A guide to getting links.. no matter what!!

the Beginner's Guide: Measuring and Tracking Success – as part of Rands update to the guide, a good post on measuring ones efforts (being the data hound that I am)

SEO Scammers/Spammers Worse In This Rough Economy? – That’s what Jan wants to know and I for one have been seeing more and more malicious types of tactics this year.


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Tip of the Week

Link valuations

In recent weeks we’ve looked at how linking plays a role as far as bad neighbourhoods and social spamming. This week there was some chatter on valuating links from a juice-ability perspective; On Sphinn (see comments) - Via Search Engine People

Now, while this can be an important part of many foundational link building activities, it bears noting once again that links can be important from an exposure perspective which adds to secondary link acquisition; for more see; Link building and social media

I’ve seen many instances where the initial link may not pass juice, but the real estate was prime and the content of quality which helps promote secondary links. While I appreciate the amount of effort taken by some to valuate links, some times we over-think things.

Yes, it is important to understand how to value a link, but don’t get myopic over the ‘nofollow’ attribute…

… just something to remember.


SEO Geeks NewsletterVol.13

Talk of the town

Google squared and rich snippets – there was plenty of coverage of Google’s ‘Searchology’ last week, I personally enjoyed this one from ‘ol Matt.

Getting the most from Google’s new features – staying track with the now famous Searchology session, I’d also like to highlight fellow warrior Monica Wright’s post – some good tips (although its early days for these new features).

Link building secrets – not to be confused with the ‘art of fighting without fighting’, Debra exposes a closely guarded link building ‘secret’ that … well… is more than meets the eye.

How Link Building for SEO is Like Picking Up a Girl – speaking of links, complete with a link-baity title, Todd has a bookmark/link-worthy post that runs through the many facets of modern link building.

Google malformed Title’s - It seems Shaun ( a worthy SEO researcher) found an interesting case of Google using a H6 as the SERP title… kind of odd I must say.

Realtors Revolt – another hot story making the rounds was about Realtors taking a poke at Google and their response. One of the better coverage spots was over at BC – (take it away Virginia) -

Application focus – this process is when search engines look at signals from places other than the web – Ann dons her tin foil and looks at potential avenues.

What?! A Search-Hostile Site That Still Ranks Well – interesting post that looks at the confusion of a site that shouldn’t be ranking

Golden rules of link bait – I also really enjoyed Edward’s post that covers the basics, in a very complete resource worth bookmarking.

The behaviour building blocks – understanding user behaviour is a huge part of IR these days and we can even use it to better understand our own users… find out how;

SEO interview questions – this is an impressive list of more than 80 questions which can be used to interview potential SEO staffers. While some are debatable, and excellent list none-the-less.

The grumbler exploit – hacking is a new part of SEO that we all need to be aware of. If it is injecting hidden links or malware (which can get you de-indexed) you simply must have measures in place – here’s a recent exploit.

Hacking Googleand I ain’t talking Google Dorks… seems this time Google really was hacked.



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