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SEO Geeks Newsletter 12

Talk of the town

Don’t trust that keyword research – Stoney, the king of KE research, tells us why you can’t always trust the data – I myself advocate cross referencing data from as many points as possible to ensure the best analysis possible – a good read;

Maximize your shopping feeds – for those doing ecommerce SEO this post is a must read.

Unlocking the power if First – We have a Chris Hooley sighting and he makes the case why ranking number ONE should be the only goal (nice to see him writing again).

Trust and Link building - Eric Enge has a great post looking at TrustRank concepts and even calls the ‘bounce rate’ a noisy signal – way to go Eric, I knew ye’d come around!

Twitter the search engine (again?) – well, it seems Twitter is now looking at creating a deeper more full featured search indexation and ranking feature – Can they nail real-time search? We’re unconvinced in this corner…

Protecting your site from content theft – Virginia is back again in this weeks edition with a GREAT post on ways to deal with content theft. This is an important one as it is becoming more insidious these days…

Social proof in SEO – one of my fav gals, Dazzlin Donna, did a guest post on finding those in your industry to network with for SEO benefit .

Video SEO Guide – while video marketing can be a tough go, this round up is a definite bookmark for folks working in the space.

Optimizing for Mobile – Angie had a well researched post on the Scoop for those not already on the Mobile wave – could this (finally) be the year mobile makes it big?

Link building A-Z – Wiep stopped in to SEOmoz with a helluva well done (and fun) post that works through link building from A all the way through to Z – Great link bait all on it’s own!

Google gray bar conundrum – Shaun over at Hobo started some interesting tests to see what different states of Google TBPR may mean. We’re also testing this in the SEO Dojo.

SEO Superheroes – Our own CJ and Angie had a fun post about SEO peeps as Superheroes.

Niche service SEO – Friend of the FireHorse, Jordan Kasteler was chatting it up with Virginia Nussey on SEM Synergy – be sure to check it out (some o my fav peeps)

Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Anytime Algorithms – Research on Search

Measuring Google TV advertising and privacy – SEO by the SEA

LeadTail - a new Web-based service that enables advertisers to quickly and easily target the appropriate audience for each advertising campaign.

The ebook search engine – interesting new engine for ebooks

SurfCanyon now available – I’ve actually been using this for a few months now.

Increasing diversity in mobile searches – from the Google Research blog.

Predictive search query suggestions – Bill looks at Google suggest (once again)


How much does domain age affect rankings? – Matt Cutts grab-bag sessions

Google Analytics features: Pivoting & Secondary Dimensions – new features at GA

What are the factors that go into determining the PageRank of a Twitter page? – Matt Cutts again

Twitter WTF? - Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google? – Google Tech Talks

Webmaster Central and Best Practices – a behemoth of a video from Adam Lasnik (46 minutes)

Don’t be Google’s bitch – a fun edition from Jim Boot


Share Customizations and Dive Much Deeper, Available Soon – Google Analytics Blog

Cool new link tools discounts – Search Engine Land

New SEO Tools and SEMToolBar for Firefox – Bruce Clay blog

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek Alerts

Search Patents - last week was a tad light on interesting search patents -

Google - Temporal ranking scheme for desktop searching,529,739.PN.&OS=PN/7,529,739&RS=PN/7,529,739

Microsoft - Method and system for mining information based on relationships,529,735.PN.&OS=PN/7,529,735&RS=PN/7,529,735

Cj’s walkabout

Our resident information retriever (and SOSG name-sake) shall be helping us keep an eye trained for interesting IR goodies. Here’s this week’s offerings –

From evolution to algorithms

Whats in a link: Foundations for semantic networks

Web 3.0; Chicken farms on the semantic web

Top 10 algorithms in data mining

/end SOSG session


SEO Geeks Newsletter 11

Tip of the Week

Don’t leave link building to the monkeys!

This one is rant-worthy and I intend to write a post about it this week. It seems that a recent poll Barry (at Search Engine Roundtable) did a poll asking if peeps let interns do link building. It seems most of the respondents said YES. Considering how important links are these days; why leave it to the least experienced?

You see, all links were NOT created equal and one can save a lot of legwork by constructing a STRONG link building program. To me this means using specialized, highly trained staffers (or subcontractors). Yes, I understand that the foundational stuff (directories and article marketing) can be boring as hell… but even those can be done wrong.

Here’s the post on SER;


SEO Geeks Newsletter Vol 10

Tip of the Week

Clean up the dead weight

One thing that is common among the main search engines is that many query spaces rely on temporal data when ranking. That is to say, many times older documents aren’t as valued as fresh ones. This means that as a website grows, many of the older pages can begin to lose value (and rankings/traffic).

Those of you that have been reading along for some time know that I am a fan of quarterly review activities – this is another. Look at the older pages on the site (12-24+ months) and make a decision as to if they’re worth keeping. The main options are;

  1. If it is still of value, add some new content and direct some link juice to bring it back to life. Search engines like it when a page is updated as it shows validity.
  2. If it is no longer of value, we would look to remove the page and 301 redirect any link love that may be headed in that direction.

This can be quite a valuable method depending on the size of the site and related page mapping. If there are enough dead pages that are 301 redirected to a related category (or newer page) if can actually give an appreciable ranking/traffic boost – Give it a try!


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