Friday, April 18, 2014
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SEO Geeks Newsletter 8

Tip of the Week

Don’t be cheap with content generation

Over the years as traditional link building routes have become less effective, content generation has moved to the forefront. If it is link bait on your site or content placement on others – one thing should be understood – don’t be cheap.

When I am talking to clients about creating linkable content I often tell them we want to create THE BEST page, tool or element of it’s kind on the market today. Part of that is hiring/contracting out to quality writers. Sure, it may mean paying $150-400 for 1000 word piece, but when compared to PAID LINKs, it’s really minimal. And with paid links, once you stop paying, the link love stops flowing. A quality piece on your site will continue to pull links over time… a much better investment.

So my tip this week… is to not do things on the cheap… You can read fellow Dojo Warrior Angie’s recent post on finding and working with quality copywriters;


SEO Geeks Newsletter 7

Talk of the town

Google Local – Some more interesting discussion of Google’s new local bias – the official word.

Fighting Terror with SEO? This one falls into the WTF category as UK gov is funding SEO training for anti-terrorist Islamic groups – just plain weird.

SEO Dark Arts – once more Aaron goes off on Google – bring some tin foil.

After market domains – an interesting post from Jon about the true value of a domain.

Insight Into How Google Values Different Link Types (via Search Engine Land);

Link building 101 – a great list of link building ideas from Debra…. Some old standards but a good list none-the-less.

SEMPO Releases Survey Data Revealing State Of SEM – Search Engine Land reports on the results from the latest SEMPO survey. A must read for all SEM folks.

Links VS Content VS Rankings VS Search Traffic (via SEO Book) – Aaron get’s a second mention this week… I do love that place!!

Google Algo changes from a historical perspective – Rand takes a look at how ranking factors have changed over time.

Pay-per-Tweet - While not search geeky, a worthy post for the Twitter folks as link dropping, paid posts get more insidious.


SEO Geeks Newsletter 6

Tip of the week

Pre-qualifying clients – the Pareto principle for SEO clients

This little tidbit is for the professional SEOs out there – One thing I hear a lot is about problem clients that friends have. From the ignorant to the mislead and the ones with unrealistic expectations, the list is a long one.

One thing I like to do, in SEO or even Web Design, is pre-qualify the clients. This means that they are not just interviewing you, but you are interviewing them. When done consistently, it can show great benefits over the long haul. I call it the ‘Pareto Principle for Clients’.

This means that 80% of your problems often are generated by clients worth merely 20% of your revenues. Don’t be in a hurry to take each and every project that comes your way – you find yourself bogged down with problem contracts which take away from your more valued customers.

It’s something to consider….


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