Saturday, April 19, 2014
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This section contains our ever growing database of search related patents. They are categorized for easy access - get your geek on!


folder icon 3 Links
These are patents relating to links and link analysis... (not to be confused with PageRank)
folder icon 14 Google personalized Search
If you're looking to dig into personalization methods from the folks at Google - this is a great place to start.
folder icon 4 Web Spam
These patents relate to Web Spam identification and systems
folder icon 11 Query Analysis
These are patents relating to query analysis, revisions and suggestions/ recommendation engines.
folder icon 1 Page segmentation
Page segmentation is an important area of interest and these patents hold great interest.
folder icon 2 Temporal factors
Patents that relate to historical ranking factors
folder icon 7 Phrase based indexing and retrieval
This collection of patents are related to the phrase based systems - mostly from Google.
folder icon 1 Snippets
These deal with how search engines show the descriptions relating to a SERP listing.
folder icon 2 Learning models
Patents relating to probabilistic other learning methods
folder icon 5 Geo-Targeting
These patents relate to search engines geo-targeting. Handy for those researching local SEO strategies.
folder icon 1 Explicit user feedback
Explicit user feedback is when the user actively indicates to a search engine, their preferences.
folder icon 1 Semantics
These patents are on various flavors of semantic analysis.
folder icon 2 Book Search
These patents relate to vertical book search such as Google Books
folder icon 3 Other ranking methods
These ranking methods didn't readily fit into other sections but are still of interest.

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