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Google personalized Search
If you're looking to dig into personalization methods from the folks at Google - this is a great place to start.

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Another Google patent on personalization - from 2005 - Sep Kamvar and co
Google personalization patent from 2005 by Stephen Lawrence
Google 2005 - Systems and methods for personalized network searching are described. A search engine implements a method comprising receiving a search query, determining a personalized result by searching a personalized search object using the searchquery, determining a general result by searching a general search object using thesearch query, and providing a search result for the search query based at least inpart on the personalized result and the general result. The search engine mayutilize ratings or annotations associated with the previously identified uniformresource locator to locate and sort results. 
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Google - A system may present information regarding a document and provide an option for removing the document. The system may also receive selection of the option andremove the document when the option is selected. The system may aggregateinformation regarding documents that have been removed by a group of users andassign scores to a set of documents based on the aggregated information.
Google - A user's prior searching and browsing activities are recorded for subsequent use. Auser may examine the user's prior searching and browsing activities in a numberof different ways, including indications of the user's prior activities related toadvertisements. A set of search results may be modified in accordance with theuser's historical activities. The user's activities may be examined to identify a setof preferred locations. The user's set of activities may be shared with one or moreother users. The set of preferred locations presented to the user may be enhancedto include the preferred locations of one or more other users. A user's browsingactivities may be monitored from one or more different client devices or clientapplication. A user's browsing volume may be graphically displayed.
Google - A system and method for using a user profile to order placed content in searchresults returned by a search engine. The user profile is based on search queriessubmitted by a user, the user's specific interaction with the documents identifiedby the search engine and personal information provided by the user. Placedcontent is ranked by a score based at least in part on a similarity of a particularplaced content to the user's profile. User profiles can be created and/or stored onthe client side or server side of a client-server network environment.
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