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Other ranking methods
These ranking methods didn't readily fit into other sections but are still of interest.

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Google 2001 - A similarity engine generates compact representations of objects called sketches. Sketches of different objects can be compared to determine the similarity between the two objects. The sketch for an object may be generated by creating a vector corresponding to the object, where each coordinate of the vector is associatedwith a corresponding weight. The weight associated with each coordinate in thevector is multiplied by a predetermined hashing vector to generate a productvector, and the product vectors are summed. The similarity engine may thengenerate a compact representation of the object based on the summed productvector.
Google 2006 - Web pages of a Website may be processed to improve search results. For example, information likely to pertain to more than just the Web page it is directly associated with may be identified. One or more other, related, Web pages that such information is likely to pertain to is also identified. The identifiedinformation is associated with the identified other Web page(s) and this association is saved in a way toaffect a search result score of the Web page(s).
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Google 2005 - A blog search engine may receive a search query. The blog search engine may determine scores for a group of blog documents in response to the search query, where the scores are based on a relevance of the group of blog documents to the search query and a quality of the group of blog documents. The blog search engine may also provide information regarding the group of blog documents based on thedetermined scores.

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