The Non Panda Event, Disavow Tool Doesn't Work & More!

Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! Terry, Justin, Dave and Steve are discussing the weeks SEO and Social Media news and happenings!

The Regulators

This week the guys talked about the Non Panda Update; Disavow Tool doesn't work; Yahoo/Facebook search partnership reality check time; 4 Types of Google reconsideration; Google: want to switch to https? go ahead!; Google bing hit all time highs as desktop search activity rebounds; Pinterest Welcomes Brands With Business Accounts; Twitter search results visual top photos; Groupon makes bid to become local deals search engine; why Google vertical search shouldnt face antitrust action; Tweetdeck twitter google cloaking; Firefox to add search engine hijacking warnings to browser and more!


Show Notes

the Regulators:

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