""Google Local SEO 2014" "

For those that didn't know, the SGS are back on the air. For those that haven't a clue what it is, it's an old podcast that we've brought into the world of Google Hangouts. We grab a topic, a few experts for a panel and get down and dirty

This time out we decided to get into some elements around Google local and where things are headed.

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Google Local 2014

On the show this week we have Darren Shaw (from Whitespark) and Eduard de Boer who is a Google photographer. He's going to be giving us some insight into the workings of Google Business view while Darren is going to get into some issues related to listings and rankings on Google Local itself.

We have the full episode, as well as 4 smaller clips from the show. Download the audio file with 38 minutes more of extra tips and tricks!


Full Episode

Local SEO Links From the Video

Eduard (It's in Dutch)

Clip; Practice and Practitioner Listings

Clip; Dealing With a Virtual Office

Clip; Understanding Google Business View

Clip; Google Business View - Indoor Maps

We'll be on the air Thursdays at 1pm est moving ahead. If we do 2 or 4 a month depends on time available and guests we can get a hold of. We'll see how it goes

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