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We're Back!!

Yup, that's right, the Search Geeks Speak is back on the air. I know, you missed us right? We've even upgraded from the original podcast format (still available) to live videos via Google Plus Hangouts On Air.

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Link Building 2014

To get things rolling it only made sense to touch on the crazy land of link building since Google has been on a bit of a rampage over the last while. And when your talking links, Debra Mastaler and Garrett French also come to mind in a flash.

It was a great session which you can find below in download audio, full video and even a clop we grabbed from the session.

From Debra's Slides on Finding Journalists and Influencers:


Clip from the Show

Full Episode



We'll be on the air Thursdays at 1pm est moving ahead. If we do 2 or 4 a month depends on time available and guests we can get a hold of. We'll see how it goes

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