"The Regulators Search News; January 15 2015"

Welcome to another episode of SEO Dojo Radio's Regulators. This week Dave, Steve and Terry started a new educational portion of the show where the guys talked about the disavow tool and and the reaction of the community to the position that the disavow tool and removing links were not effective means of recovering from a Penguin algorithmic dampener. Removing content and other strategies for Penguin recovery were also discussed. The next topic the Regulators covered was a post by Bill Slawski on how Google could extract direct answers from web pages

In the news section the guys discussed how Google will soon make the car insurance ad industry look different; Google disavow good links penguin; Will Matt Cutts return to Google?; Should Google have inflicted Panda on SEORoundtable readers poll and more!

The Regulators

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