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SEO Dojo Radio Podcast 2010

Welcome to the SEO Dojo Radio library where we will be keeping an archive of all the shows.

Google Changes 2010 and a killer rabbit too

Hello my weary web wandering search geek, it's time for everyone's favourite non-family friendly SEO talk show! SEO Dojo Radio is on the air! This week we have no guest... yup, it's true. We have the regulators in house with a new friend (Thomas) dropping by to play. It seems most of the folks we were going to talk to were headed to PubCon, so we decided to go it alone.

This week we're getting into;

  • Google Instant – nada goin on
  • Google goes Apache!
  • SERPs keep on a changin'
  • Gooogle related search refinements
  • Google Ranking Internal Pages Rather Than Home Pages
  • RDFa/Microformats on the move

Next week's show we'll be having Search Engine Roundtable's Barry Schwartz coming on the show to join us. He's a sort of hero of mine as far as being the record keeper, reporter of note, in the search industry.

Let's get on with the show;


Show Notes

Oh and here's your killer rabbit!


Dojo Radio; Google Places freaks out SEOs and Virginia Nussey drops by!

Yes, it's that time again.. WE'RE BACK! While there was plenty going on over the last week, it seems we shall be spending most of the time in the first half of the show talking about the shake up in Google local via the places changes. It's certainly got a lot of folks up in arms, but is it really something they should be bitching about? Or is it a tempest in a tea pot? We're going to find out. Topics on hand include;

  • Google Local SERP shake-up

  • Google employees heading to Facebook

  • RDFa support for ecommerce


Life and times of Virginia Nussey

In the second part of the show this week we have Virginia Nussey in house. Best known as a prominent blogger for Bruce Clay and host of SEM Synergy, she's now out on her own. We'll talk to her about what she's doing with herself now and her take on the world of copy writing and where she see's SEO headed.

Virginia Nussey

Once again, it should be yet another great show. We're 16 weeks in and going strong. So let's get to it shall we?


Show notes;


SEO Dojo Radio; Brian Carter, Damned Webmasters and an Alpaca too!

just for ThomasWell another week has passed and it's time for that long awaited day (right?). Yes, it's this week's episode of SEO Dojo Radio (cue enthusiastic crowd). This week we have the full compliment as far as the regulators are concerned and we'll be digging into;

  • #$@& Web Designers... nuff said.
  • Google indexing bug
  • Fear not the duplicate content penalty
  • Things Eric Schmidt says
  • Google TV
  • Zynga patent woes

And that's just what's on our list, it tends to wander as you well know ;0)


It's Brian Carter Guy

In the second half of the show this week we have the multi-talented Brian Carter joining us. I've known him for a few years and if you've not heard of him, today's a good day for it.

Brian Carter

He has been at it since 199 9 and worked in SEO, PPC and now social. We've always enjoyed his work over the years, so getting to know him better should be a blast.

Disclaimer; it should be noted that no animals were hurt in the making of this show (this week).

Special Halloween Special from the Regulators

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Show Notes

The SEO Dojo Radio iTunes app

Google Says "Don't Be Afraid" Of Duplicate Content

Things Eric Schmidt says – JUST MOVE

Zynga patent story and patent filing

Brian's stuff

His internet marketing blog

Brian on SEJ

On Twitter;

On Facebook:

Other Facebook


Dojo Radio; Garrett French, Google Bombing and Monkeys Oh my!

Steve and his monkeyHello and welcome to this week's edition of the the ever amazing (and now on iTunes) SEO Dojo Radio. To get things rolling this week the three amigos, Steve, Terry and myself, will be yaking it up as always and some goodies on our list this week includes;

  • SEO Bloggers; the good and the bad of the new breed.
  • Is Google Bombing back in style? Did it ever REALLY go away?
  • Yahoo closing all the directories except US?
  • Google Demo Slam; what is it? Who cares?
  • Mashable needs to stop talking search

It should be a lot of fun as I know the gang is in good spirits today

Ontolo's Garrett French is in da house!

On the second half of the show this week we're having Garrett French on, who's a good mate and smart cookie. We'll obviously be talking about their tool set, but I am also interested in his take on the link building industry at large, what's the trend, what's working and more. I am really looking forward to that, it should be some great stuff.

Ontolo's Garrett French interview

I won't keep you waiting (like anyone's still reading at this point...) let's get right on with it shall we?


Show Notes


iTunes – we're also now on iTunes folks!! Woot hoo! Be sure to check it out here.


SEO Dojo Radio WK13 - Search, Social and Jill Whalen too!

Hello and good day to my fellow search geeks... I hope all is well with you. This week on the show the entire cast of regulars (which we've come to lovingly call; the Regulators) are in da' house! We've got a few interesting directions lined up including;

  • Bing adds FaceBook integrations
  • Google News; also get's social
  • Ex-Googlers selling SEO – what's up with that?
  • The Reasonable Surfer patent – again?
  • Paramter handling in Webmaster Tools

...and probably a few more, we like to ramble as you know

High Rankings with Jill Whalen

In the second half of the show this week we have one of the Queen's of (legit) SEO with us; Jill Whalen. We are going to be getting to know her better and discussing one of her recent posts on why Google seems to have such a problem dealing with the craptastic SEO methods. All in all, it should be fun. She's definately someone I've long admired.

Jill Whalen


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