Thursday, April 17, 2014
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SEO Dojo Radio Podcast 2010

Welcome to the SEO Dojo Radio library where we will be keeping an archive of all the shows.

Dana Lookadoo Smokes Blue Glass

Reporting from LA!

Dana Lookadoo begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlightingHey gang how are we now? No seriously, ya'aight or what? Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to Dana (Lookadoo) live from the Blue Glass marketing conference down in LA. While we had a heck of a time finding a good spot where the wifi enabled it, the end result was some juicy tid-bits from the first day and a half of the sessions and networking.


SEO Dojo Radio Episode 2 with public relations guru Nichola Stott

Hey gang... welcome to the official launch of SEO Dojo Radio! Thanks to the membership's prodding, we've been hard at work getting this together. Please do keep in mind we're search geeks not radio peeps and this will be an ever evolving program.

We have lots of great guests already lined up for the coming weeks and it should be a good ride.

This week's show highlights!

This week the regulars, Terry, Steve and I are talking about, among other things, FaceBook SEO (and marketing), Google ME (and their social folleys) and we talked about some developments in the SERPs with videos in a regular listing


SEO Dojo Radio the SEO Training Dojo Community talked us into it with guest Rob Adler

Hellow and welcome to the test run of SEO Dojo Radio. This first one was just for us to start getting used to the systems and engineering aspects of making this work.

In this one Terry and I are talking about Google News personalization, Comments for link building and Terry's take on Squido/Tumbler for syndication and more. Then we brought in everyone's fav black hat, Bofu aka; Rob Adler, to have it out on the value of such tactics.


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