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Some of the companies that cared to help out

As part of our community building we've hooked up with some great companies that are offering our (extended) members discounts and hanging out on the boards to offer support. We're damned proud to have these folks on board and helping our cause with some member discounts. Thanks for being great warriors!


Our Sponsors

Searchmetrics is the global expert in search analytics software, empowering marketers to increase visibility and market share on the world's leading search engines. We create value by providing the best quality data on a global scale. Clients and partners worldwide rely on Searchmetrics to maximize return from search investments with actionable insights that help better manage, improve and scale search marketing campaigns

Searchmetrics' robust search marketing tool, Searchmetrics Suite, is supported by a unique server infrastructure that offers monitoring of over 115 search engines in over 35 countries worldwide. Searchmetrics Suite is also home to the Searchmetrics Essentials data modules, SEO+SEM and Social, encompassing the largest, fastest databases for search and social media available.

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus – Full access to Searchmetrics Essentials SEO visibility, keyword and social media databases for a 2 week trial!



SweetIQ is local marketing made simple!

SweetIQ is the most robust local marketing analytics platform and recommendation engine providing actionable recommendations and in-depth data organized in an easy to understand format. It replaces the need for multiple local SEO tools and there are some great features you won't find anywhere else.

  • Centrally manage all your locations and local marketing SEO data
  • Discover the best performing keywords for your business listings
  • Find the best categories for your business listings
  • Monitor your business citations, ratings and reviews
  • Get competitor intelligence

SweetIQ reduces the hours of time you spend on research, management and reporting down to minutes. Improve your Local search rankings, presence and visibility today!
SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus - we're offering 20% discount off the monthly price for the first year use promo code SEODOJO.

Local Citation Finder

The Whitespark Local Citation Finder is the key tool to use to dominate local search results. It helps you find the top citation sources in your particular city and industry. Some key features include:

  • Projects
    Organize your searches into projects.
  • Personalized Results
    Results will automatically mark citations you already have.
  • Competitive Analysis
    See the top ranked businesses and their specific citations.
  • Unlimited Results
    See hundreds of citation sources, not just 10 random ones.
  • Identify the Best Citations
    Sort your results by SEOmoz Domain Authority and Majestic SEO ACRank.
  • Compare Searches
    Compare searches to see which citations sources your competitors have that you don't.
  • Citation Monitoring
    Re-run searches to see which new citations are showing up for you or your competitors.
  • Automatically Categorized Results
    Results organized into directories, blogs, social media sites, etc.
  • Export to CSV
    Use the LCF data in your client reports, etc.
  • API
    Integrate Local Citation Finder data into your own systems.

*SEO Dojo members get 20% off all plans.

SEM Rush SEO and internet marketing tools

SEO PowerSuite by Link-Assistant.Com - is a set of SEO tools designed to help you effectively promote your site in over 570 local and regional search engines. In the toolkit you get 4 powerful SEO tools:

To get a feel of what SEO PowerSuite has to offer download the free edition.

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus – – You get 30% discount on SEO PowerSuite tools.(SEO PowerSuite Professional $75 off OR SEO PowerSuite Enterprise $180 off)

Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer -- world's easiest A/B testing tool. Recommended by SEOMoz in the list of Top 10 WebApps they love. Used by 4000+ world's top enterprises, affiliate marketers and web consultants, Visual Website Optimizer is THE best tool when it comes to increasing sales and conversions upto 90% using A/B testing. Here are some of the salient features of the tool:

  • A/B testing and Split URL testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Heatmaps and Clickmaps
  • Conversion Rate Measurement
  • Cross-Domain Conversion Tracking, etc.

SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus - we're offering 50% discount on first month price on all plans.

Authority Labs

AuthorityLabs is a simple rank monitoring service designed to allow people to easily track and analyze their performance on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Rankings are the most important indicator of how the search engines view your site in relation to competing sites. With AuthorityLabs, you get daily feedback on where your site ranks in three major search engines and up to 35 different countries.

  • See what else shows up around your listing. AuthorityLabs notes when local, news, video, and blog results are mixed in with organic listings.
  • Available anywhere - as long as you can get a connection, you can access your account and data.
  • 100% white label available - Have a lot of clients? Give them access to the system and brand it to look like it's your system including custom domain, your own email address used, and control of the text of emails sent from the system.
  • Unlimited users - everyone in your team and each of your clients can have their own login at no extra cost.

Whether you're looking to monitor a few key terms or 1 million+ phrases, AuthorityLabs has the ability to scale to meet your needs. There's no cost to try it out (no credit card required on signup either) and when you decide that you can't live without it, we offer SEO Dojo members a 25% discount off the monthly price for the first year.

SEM Rush SEO and internet marketing tools

Earn using your competitors' experience - SEMRush.com was designed by the developers of SeoDigger and SeoQuake to satisfy your needs in advanced SEM and keywords research. SEMRush uses 35 million of perfect keywords to analyze top 20 Google results. Using it you can:

  1. Get a list of Google keywords for any site
  2. Get a list of AdWords keywords for any site
  3. Get a list of your competitors in organic and paid Google search results
  4. Get estimated SE and AdWords traffic for any domain
  5. Get hidden related (and low-cost) keywords to optimize your AdWords campaign

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus – you will receive a % off of their PRO packages which includes 3000 request per day, 10 000 results per report, API, AdWords and more!

(Follow the SEO Quake team on Twitter)

SEM Rush SEO and internet marketing tools

MajesticSEO is a massive project, involving thousands of computers over the last four years. Hundreds of them are crawling the web right now, analyzing link data. In a similar way to the SETI program's search for extraterrestrial life, MajesticSEO had the inspired notion to use distributed bots to scour the web, dramatically increasing the speed of crawling, without all the usual cost. In 2009 Majestic decided they had enough data about links to launch a web based interface to let you interrogate this data. The result is the world's largest commercially available link database, allowing you to see the back-links of ANY website with far more depth and transparency than ever before.

You can filter by anchor text, follow/no-follow, images, redirects or by inbound page or landing page quality as well as many other options. You can see when the link was discovered. You can find links to deep urls, not just the home page, you can download everything to CSV and then every day you can see new links being discovered by the crawlers. It's an awesome technology for SEO and is not something that you say "I'll try later". The time is now -

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus – MajesticSEO have teamed up with SEO DOJO to give you a month's free trial.

WordStream keyword management tools

WordStreamWordStream offers three core products:

  • · WordStream for PPC, a PPC management platform
  • · Keyword Research Suite, a collection of smart research tools for SEO and PPC
  • · WordStream API for the Free Keyword Research Tool and Free Keyword Niche Finder

Our latest product, Keyword Research Suite, pulls from a large database of over 1 trillion keywords and is particularly good at generating niche and long tail keyword suggestions. You get unlimited access to more keywords than other tools - plus you get structured, organized results ready to use in SEO and PPC campaigns. The Suite's Firefox plug-in helps you discover niche topics to write about and keeps track of keywords as you type.

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus - we're offering a discount of 15% off your total initial Keyword Research Suite purchttp://seotrainingdojo.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_content§ionid=-1&task=edit&cid[]=319#hase

(follow the WordStream team on Twitter)

New Medias - custom programming and Word Press plugins

Level 343 - Copywriting persuades your readers to ACT NOW. As copywriters, we look at buyer psychology, linguistics, strategy and marketing. Organic SEO copywriting adds the science of search and user behavior so your content ranks high in the SERPs. Gabriella Sannino and Jahnelle Pittman use over 20 years of business and content development for persuasive copy that converts. Take a step up to the next level of your online business with Level343.

SEO Dojo (*extended) Membership bonus: 30% off all copywriting services, including articles, blogs and website content. Please contact Level 343 for a Dojo Members price sheet.


Verve Developments - If you're looking for SEO advice from the Sensi, David Harry (that's me) then that's what you're going to get! With more than 10 years experience building web businesses, you will get sound actionable advice from an industry leader. Reliable SEO specializes in small to medium sized business services and consulting... drop by and see my SEO company site today for more!

*SEO Dojo (extended) Member bonus – as part of the Sponsor Program, you will receive 2hrs of consulting time (research and discussions) and $250 off any site audit report.

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