About the SEO Training Dojo

We are here to teach, learn, and grow. Every teacher a student. Every student, a teacher.

This SEO Training Dojo was founded to give professional SEO practitioners a place to gain knowledge, interact and even teach others the craft.

Don't be a sheep

We're here to spread the word of high quality search optimization in it's highest form.


Started From a Seed

The Dojo was started by one seriously obsessed search geek and blogger; David Harry. With over 16 years in web development and marketing experience and 8 years of writing and blogging in the industry, he's had the vision and passion to bring our SEO training community to life.

Noted on such respected industry sites as;

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and many, many more....


A Home for the Search Obsessed

This is a home for the obsessed search geek who wants to be the best as well as part of a strong community. This is a place to hone your craft. It is about the art and the Mechanics.

We are looking to create greater awareness not only of the basics, but a higher level of knowledge and skill sets for even the experienced SEOs out there. If you're tired of the same old optimization information and conversations; if you're seeking a path to greater knowledge, then you've found a home here.

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