Building A Better Community

It's the people who make the SEO Training Dojo so special. From the founders, right down to the most junior member, the core principle is the exchange of knowledge. Being good at anything is never easy; it takes the right information, the right mentors and the right associates to make it happen. Once you have the knowledge it will be experience and interactions that create your own personal wisdom.

That's our credo. The Dojo is a community that's focus is on building strong SEOs. We're not concerned with egos and games, just refining the obsession.

What We Offer

Obviously you're probably wondering what exactly membership in our community will give you... Let's take a look

The Social Network

One of the core elements of the community is our full featured social networking platform. Modelled after many of the public networks to make you feel at home, we've included a wide variety of elements such as;

  • Custom Profiles - to let everyone know about you and what you do. Also includes member search feature to speed up your networking.
  • Ongoing core stream - to interact with other members
  • Groups - create or participate in groups that interest you. You can create public groups or even private ones to keep your circle even tighter.
  • Networking - find members and create new connections. We offer an in-depth member search to find those with common interests.
  • Events - find out who's going where to improve real-life networking. You can also invite others to your own events.
  • Photos - share and browse industry related or personal pics. Just drag and drop into our HTML-5 powered gallery system.
  • Video Library - upload your own or share YouTube and Vimeo videos with the rest of the community.
  • Messaging - you can also use the private messaging system to directly communicate with other members.

And we're adding more elements all the time. This is just the beginning for us.

SEO Dojo social network

The Forums

While it may be a bit old-school, we still find that a lot of our members still like using the forums for deeper curated conversations. While the social network approach is cool and all, it's often nice to have some threaded discussions that are easier to maintain and to browse. So we keep it active.

Members can engage and discuss a wide variety of topics to further their knowledge.

SEO Dojo forums

The Knowledge Base

First and foremost this is a community. We believe that interactions are the key to extending your knowledge. All or our members are experienced SEOs, the engagement is more important than the content.

That being said, we do offer a wide variety of content elements that members can read and comment on including;

  • SEO Benchmarks and KPI - created by the members along the way
  • SEO Site Audit Framework - ongoing updated list made by members
  • Google Webmaster Tools - getting the most from it
  • Search Updates - latest changes to Google
  • Search Patent Database - ongoing collection of search related patents.
  • Guide To Search Rankings - based on proper information retrieval concepts.
  • SEO Higher Learning - how and where to learn more about how search works.

And more... we're constantly updating

SEO Study Hall

We Are Where You Are

One thing that's unique about the SEO Training Dojo is that it's far more than just a website. We don't want to have to drag our members here to be part of the network. We want to be present wherever it is that you are each day.

As such, membership also includes access (off the site) to;

  • Private Group on Facebook
  • Private Community on Google Plus
  • Private LinkedIn Group
  • Private Chat Room (on Skype)

Over the years we've realized that some people like to use the site, others prefer interact in groups on other social networks while some would rather chat it up on Skype. Or a combination of these. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that wherever you are, we are.

SEO Dojo social channels


SEO On Video

Over the years we've collected and sorted more than 800 videos related to the SEO and marketing world. From Google folks to prominent SEOs, tool developers and more. If it's worth watching? We've go it.

You can create your own play-lists within the system and much more. We're constantly adding to it, so there's always something new. Why go hunting around for great videos, we do that for you.

SEO Video Library

Marketing Tools Directory

Something else that we've done is spending our time finding the best tools to make your life more efficient. We've collected these into a variety of areas such as;

  • General SEO Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Link Analysis/Building Tools
  • Social Media Tools

We're always adding and refining the directory to ensure we have quality over quantity. As with everything, we crowd-source the information and recommendations.

Marketing Tool Directory


Always Growing

We're always looking at new ways we can offer more benefits to our members. As time goes one, we'll keep adding.

There is a wide variety of information from which discussions can evolve as well as plenty of interaction to bolster your list of contacts to call upon. We're also running research projects and encouraging inter-market co-operation to make the most of the power of numbers. This is a place immersed in knowledge, camaraderie and honing the craft of search optimization.


Join The SEO Training Dojo

If you've ever wanted a community built for those that are serious about search engine optimization, you've come to the right place!

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