Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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SEO Training for Search Warriors

Many a weary SEO web-wanderer has been in search of a quality community they can call home. One that is free from the spammers and garbage that seem to congregate in lower quality (public) communities. There is just was nowhere a seriously obsessed search geek could call hang thier keyboard. That's why the SEO Dojo was created -- to give search professionals and those wanting to learn more about search engines a safe haven to study and collaborate.

We are all students; we are all teachers. No one amongst us holds a greater power than the collective. This place, our place, was created with the goal of having a realm for growing our passion of the art and spending time with those equally entwined.


Who is the SEO Dojo for??

Our community started out as a little hide-away for a band of SEO warriors in need of a private playground to store resources and discuss the the daily grind. Over time, the resources and membership grew into something that is now a prized resource for many. Now it's YOUR chance to join this fast growing community!

The SEO Dojois ideal for:

  • Individuals who want to increase their SEO knowledge
  • Professional SEOs looking for a quality community
  • Webmasters and site owners seeking advice from top professionals
  • Finding cross-site (and vertical) promotions and opportunities
  • SEOs who want to learn more about how search engines work
  • Anyone that needs to learn MORE about the world of search marketing
  • Search geeks looking to interact with other SEO addicts

As the SEO Training Dojo evolved, it also became a strong community. Yes, you'll learn a great deal about search optimization (and search engines) within these pixelled walls, but it's the people and the interactions you'll discover at the heart of the experience. You'll find the best knowledge comes from the there.

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Who is it NOT for?

The SEO Dojo is not the hang out for everyone out there. Spending time in the Dojo may not be for everyone and especially not for those who are:

  • Egos and rock stars. We're all equal here.
  • Link droppers and self promoters. That's why it's private (duh)
  • Bad attitudes. Respect and courtesy are paramount.
  • Participating in networking to "be the hero". We keep it real.
  • Tool obsessed search geeks -- that's Aaron and Rand's world, (they rock for that!)

At the end of the day, the preservation of the learning spirit behind the gates is key. If you're here to exchange knowledge, seek out opportunities and further your abilities, the SEO Training Dojo is where you belong.


What's the Benefit to Being an SEO Dojo Member?

Entry into the SEO Dojo provides you with a quality place to gather and talk shop without the nonsense, myths and spam that plagues other sites. The SEO Dojo is a premium community made up solely of those devoted to search in one way or another. It's filled with great resources and opportunities not found anywhere else on the Web.

Webinars, in-depth chat sessions and FREE worksheets are just a few of the new items being implemented recently. We also have;

  • Forums - where all the action is!
  • Chat - the SEO Dojo chat is AWESOME!
  • Study Hall - sections on learning SEO
  • Marketplace - reach out to other members.
  • Weekly study sessions with guest hosts
  • Enhanced member profiles for networking

The SEO Dojo strives to be alive, vibrant and ever-growing. Additional resources, features and deals are on the horizon as well. And, and like fine wine, it's only going to get better with age.

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And how about now? Ready to sign up?


What Does It Cost?

It is important to note that the current pricing models are set at limits that we believe will best serve the community long term. The main goal is to cover some costs, pay a few managers and ultimately re-invest back into the community war chest. How'd we reach the magic number? Simple, I figured out a mates monthly coffee expenses (and subtracted $ It's surely worth that for such a unique opportunity, oui?

Dojo Subscription pricing is;

  • $30 for one month
  • $70 for 3 months (save $20)
  • $140 for 6 months (a whoopin' $40 off and $1k+ in bonuses)
  • $250 for 12 months ($50 savings bonanza and $1k+ in bonuses)

Yes, that's likely a bit light, but we're not looking to be elitists or be spammed out of existence. It is a balance. Here in the Dojo we're seeking more quality individuals who can benefit the community and receive numerous benefits in return. As we get stronger, the price points are sure to continue to rise. So it's best to - Get in NOW!

Just for fun, be sure to have a look at some goodies we've got going on in the public areas of the Dojo and our partner sites;

And those are just to give you a glimpse as to the quality of what's behind the walls! You can also check out the About Us page.

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What Do You Get?

As with all things, the SEO Dojo is constantly evolving. Over the last many months we've added, removed and modified the various elements included with membership to ensure you get only the very best information, tools and resources. And, you can be sure it will continue! My favorite parts are the forums and weekly live chats, but I am a chatty fella. Others prefer reading and other forms of socializing. We seek to continue pleasing our members.

Here's what's included so far:

  • Access to the knowledge exchange member's forum
  • Learn search and SEO (from 30 plus sections) in the Study Hall
  • Find exclusive, actionable content (and worksheets)
  • Participate in our famous weekly Live Chats
  • Start tests and get help in the Testing Zone
  • Work together with other members in the Co-op Marketplace
  • Access tbe top minds in SEO with 'Ask the Experts'
  • Exclusive Dojo discounts (see below)
  • Free downloads; SEO Handbook & Link builders guide, Google Analytics for SEO and more!
  • ....And we're adding MORE all the time

Are you feeling it yet? Ready to sign up? Seriously! Then come back next Monday (or get our SEO Newsletter for discounts!)

What people are saying

Member's FREE STUFF!!

As part of the process of building the place we've also made some great friends along the way. After a few chats with some of them, it was decided that it would be great to offer the members some goodies for getting involved.

As such for those that sign on for 6-12 months ($140 & $250 respectively), we're offering some savings to show our appreciation. If you make the commitment to the Dojo, we'll do the same.

Members that sign up for 6-12 months receive a variety of discounts from our parnters; Learn more about our sponsors

And the best part? Besides the over $1000+ in freebies? The SEO Dojo has a forum board so each of these fine folks can help members along when using the services (one-stop support section). You get direct access to people directly from the companies you know and love. (More on the sponsors here)


Why Would You Stay?

Well, the best part of life is the ongoing evolution. As search engines evolve so will the role of the search optimizers. Having a strong community of like minded warriors will help push your own boundaries and be a strong resource in your daily activities. You can increase your earning capabilities or build out your own properties. Having a family of search warriors, ready to do battle together, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Over the last few months many different people have come together here in the Dojo to bring a great mix of experience and enthusiasm into the group. We felt that doing some qualitative research with some varied member types, would be important in making a community that was effective and enticing. It has almost been shaped exclusively by the early members themselves. A twig upon the mighty tide of the greater wisdom.

If you are someone that appreciates the world of SEO and has a strong passion to learn, teach and exchange; then we hope you will join us!


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