Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Anniversary Show 2 - Bill Slawski and the future of Search

This week as part of our anniversary extravaganza we have one of, if not THE most interesting and influential people in my career in search; Bill Slawski (best known for his blog; SEO by the Sea)

Bill Slawski

Bill is one of the most noted search geeks in the history of the industry and was really one of the reasons I not only stayed in SEO, but grew a fascination with the inner working of search in general. I have known him for many years now and have been salivating for the chance to have him on the show and start getting uber-geeky.

Today we'll be talking about the future of search, social search and even fielding a few questions we got from the social stream. It should be a great one, so let's get things rolling!

Happy Anniversary Dojo Radio!

Search Geeks Speak is basically Terry and I going through our Rolodex and lining up the people we'd most like to interview about Search. Search Geeks has also put together some discussion panels that are unequaled. To all past and Future guests of the show a big hat tip because you people are the ones who make this show what it is. Dave and I? Just along for the ride! Besides those below we'd like to acknowledge Danny Sullivan who was on the first show and in subsequent episodes it's been a who's who of SEO like Mike Grehan, Jonathon Allan, Tim Nash, Hamlet Batista Lee Odden, Nichola Stott and a growing list of future and present notable.

Terry and I could not mention this anniversary without a special holla' out for our Dojo Sister Debra Mastaler who has not only helped with getting guests but also the odd excellent guest suggestion. Thanks Debra! Sometimes I wonder about my friends and then I see you come online and remember why it's worth the bother! Debra is just one of the reasons the Dojo is the place that it is... there's others as well but she has been by far and away our biggest supporter and cheerleader!

Some Favorite "Search Geeks Speak" Shows

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Search Geeks Speak ~ The Link Panel w/Debra Mastaler, Garrett French and Wil Reynolds: We were able to line up some heavy after the amazing Geo / Local SEO panel. This week on the show we'll be talking to link devlopment masters Debra Mastaler, Garrett French and Wil Reynoldsdownload episode

Search Geeks Speak Andy Beard joined Dave and Terry for a discussion of Video SEO and Andy's latest project uQast. download episode

Search Geeks Speak with Jim Hedger of Webmaster Radio!:Dave and I had lots to catchup on with Jim including the Panda update, crap hat SEO, podcasting, content strategy and the SEO company formed with some great Canadian SEOs. We all had a lot of fun and some of us or you may have even learned a thing or two! download episode

Search Geeks Speak: SEO Tools with Raven Tools and Screaming Frog!:Dave and I discussed the privacy of data; ethics of SEO tools competing with their users for work; adding new features and handling customer requests for features in tools and more. Enjoy there was a little of everything for everyone!! Raven Tools and Screaming Frog  download episode

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