Thursday, April 24, 2014
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These are patents relating to links and link analysis... (not to be confused with PageRank)

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Google 2003 - Provided is a method and system for indexing documents in a collection of linked documents. A link log, including one or more pairings of source documents and target documents is accessed. A sorted anchor map, containing one or more target document to source document pairings, is generated. The pairings in the sorted anchor map are ordered based on target document identifiers.
Google 2005 - A method includes generating search results in response to a user query, where at least one of the search results includes a group of links. The group of links may represent links to web pages within a same web site and may be identified based on at least one factor associated with the links. The method may also include providing the search results to the user.
Microsoft 2004 - Methods and apparatus are provided for evaluating the extent to which link text, representing a hypertext link on a web page, corresponds to a web page referenced by the link. In one embodiment, the link text may be compared to thetitle of a web page referenced by the link, such as by parsing the link text andpage title into individual tokens and comparing the tokens. The extent to whichthe link text and the page title correspond may be expressed as a percentage oftokens which match. A graphical user interface (GUI) may be provided whichpresents a visual indication when a minimum percentage of tokens do not match.
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