Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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More Negative SEO? Google Algo Changes & GWT Messages! Facebook Vs. Yahoo! and more on SEO Dojo Radio's the Regulators

Welcome to another episode of SEO Dojo Radio's "the Regulators"! This week The Gypsy, Steve Gerencser, Webmaster T and Justin Parks goover the Social Media and SEO news with their usual flare for outragous statements with occasional swearing! So sit down before ya' fall down...and away we go!

The Regulators

This week the boys yakked about More Negative SEO Unleashed by Google naivete'; GWT Unatural Linking Messages; Google Monthly Report; Does Anyone Get and or Give Links Anymore; Facebook Sues Yahoo!;you make me less human - says "skype"; What Google maps and More looked like Back in the day - classic stuff; Samantha Brick...Fcking Pr...; G+ paranoia over Facebook and more!

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the Regulators;

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