Sunday, April 20, 2014
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"the Regulators": Social Super Injunction Edition

After a week off while Steve got started on the new homestead in Tennessee and Justin was off preachin' the Social way in Spain "the Regulators" Mount Up for another exciting round of what's the craic on the SEO and Social news Interwebs!

The Regulators

This week sittin' round the campfire "the Regulators" yakked about: Facebook and the gatekeeper - rolling out changes; I didn't know hidden links were bad; Air BnB - and app with a 1B valuation; Social; Super Injunctions UK; Hidden link disclaimer; Spammers getting smarter?; Google Testing Flight Search Results in UK and Bing’s Facebook-Enhanced Results Now Appear More Frequently on a Wider Range of Searches, Inside Facebook.

Let's get it on!


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