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Regulators SEO News; September 5th 2013

Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Terry, Steve, David and Justin continue using the hangout format and a bunch of friends of the Dojo and Pros showed up with comments on the Search and Social Media events in the news!

It was a slow week but the guys did get around to another phantom Google Update; disavow tool propaganda; SEO packages buyer beware; what are some post Google penguin budget friendly link ideas?; Study: Google not provided traffic highest for tech industry brands at 56%; branded3 selling access to our link blacklist of 80000 domains; does Google ignore reconsideration requests? yep!; does Google ignore reconsideration requests? yep! and more!

The Regulators

Here's the video version (podcast is below that);

And here's the usual podcast, audio version of the show



(hit play above)

I hope these new changes are something you enjoy. You better because now we have to actually get dressed FFS. Leave us a comment with yer thoughts.

Show Notes

the Regulators:

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