Friday, April 18, 2014
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Search Geeks Speak: Bill Slawski Discusses his 10 Most Important SEO Patents Series

Welcome to another episode of Search Geeks Speak! This week the guest is Search Patent blogger extraordinaire Bill Slawski!

Bill Slawski SEO by The Sea

This week Dave and Terry will be discussing Parts 1-7 of Bill Slawski's "10 Most Important SEO Patents" Series. Bill is a super knowledgeable guest who is always willing to share with the community.

So let's get it on....

Parts 1-7  of 10 Most Important SEO Patents series

Part 1 – The Original PageRank Patent Application
Part 2 – The Original Historical Data Patent Filing and its Children
Part 3 – Classifying Web Blocks with Linguistic Features
Part 4 – PageRank Meets the Reasonable Surfer
Part 5 – Phrase Based Indexing
Part 6 – Named Entity Detection in Queries
Part 7 – Sets, Semantic Closeness, Segmentation, and Webtables

Bill Slawski

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