Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Search Geeks Speak: Ecommerce Technical SEO Panel w/ Scott Polk and Hamlet Batista

Welcome to another week of Search Geeks Speak on SEO Dojo Radio! Wow! This was a panel that I had been anticipating because I've spent most of my career doing ecommerce projects and I was curious on the thoughts of others who have done a lot of it.

Search Geeks Speak: Ecommerce Technical SEO With Scott Polk and Hamlet Batista

The Gypsy and I discussed a number of topics with Scott and Hamlet including the role of Architecture and What role does site structure and architecture play in ranking ecommerce pages; Navigation – how much is too much; What techniques do you use to leverage the scale of a an ecommerce site Duplicate content and more! Scott and Hamlet provide lots of tips so this is one ya' don't want to miss!

So let's get it on....

Show Notes;

There was mention of cloaking so here is the definitive word: How Google Defines IP delivery

Scott Polk:

Hamlet Batista:

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