Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Search Geeks Speak with Mike Grehan

Welcome to another week of "Search Geeks Speak" on SEO Dojo Radio! I thought last weeks show with Heather Lloyd would be hard to top, but, Mike has given it a good run for the money so I'll let you decide for yourself! It was the first time I had spoke to Mike in some time and as it turns out The Gypsy has been a fan of Mike's for many years too as well so there was lots to talk about!

Search Geeks Speak w/Mike Grehan

You can't interview Mike and not ask about SES and Clickz because of his position as "VP, Global Content Director" at Incisive Media. The Gypsy and Mike went over a bit of search history from the pre Google age to Social In the SERPs, Mike's book on search technology and more.

So let's get it on....

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