Friday, April 25, 2014
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SEO Dojo Radio 12 - Who's talkin with Joe Hall

Hey gang, how's things? It's REAL great to see you... erm... 'sense your presence'?. Anyway, welcome to this week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio!! We have the three amigos on tap as Justin won't be joining us this week. Have not fear though as Steve, Terry and myself have lot's lined up to talk about including;

  • Google's Latest Testing; including Maps over the AdWords and full page previews (on mouseover)
  • Bing makes the cut – and yes, we have a whopping 2 Bing stories on tap this week
  • Matt Cutts speaks – we will fun with a few of Matt's recent videos.
  • Google Instant eye tracking – Terry wants to get into some eye tracking studies he came across

... and a few more items, if we get that far.

Who's Talkin'? Joe Hall is, that's who

In the second part of the show this week we're having our pal and programming uber geek, Joe Hall dropping in. Joe is the brains behind the social media monitoring tool; Whos Talkin. I haven't had the pleasure of actually talking to Joe after knowing him for nearly 2 years, it should be a blast.

Who's Talking with JoeHall


So what you you waiting for? Give it a listen!

Show Notes;

Joe Hall's; Whos Talkin

Who's talkin; TalkRank

Latest Google Testing;

Google's hover over screen grab testing

Maps in Adwords positions

Matt Cutt's video; Does Google see auto-gen content as a bad thing.

Matt Cutt's video; Site search operator is just an estimation as suspected

Google Instant Eye tracking Study - Enquiro

More Google Instant Eye Tracking – Essential Travel

Twitter Research Data

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