It that's time again folks. This ain't yo' mamma's SEO, this is SEO Dojo Radio!! We have a great show in store for you today and you'll not want to miss it! Why? Because first off the regulars (ans Justin this week) will be getting goofy looking at the latest news including;

  • Google Instant – we simply HAVE to get into this one no? You bet.
  • SEO Moz's latest tool – you'd think it would even be a 'big' story,not when LDA is in the mix!
  • Crap hat lazy linking – this one is a pet peeve from the past 7 days and we'll see where it leads.
  • Crazy Eric – we may touch on some recent comments from Google's Eric Schmidt.

And so much more!!... ok, not really a lot more. But it should be fun either way.


Lady of the Links

And no, golf isn't he main bag! In the second half of the show link building legend and all around great gal, Debra Mastaler will be in da' house! We hope to get to know Debra better and even get her to chime in on the whole LDA Tool drama... I am seriously looking forward to that.

SEO Podcast - Debra Mastaler

BIO; Based in Oak Hill, Virginia, Debra Mastaler is President of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing company focused on providing custom link marketing campaigns and link training. In business since 2000, Debra and her talented staff offers a common sense approach to link building by combining traditional sales and promotional strategies with effective online search engine marketing tactics.

And there we have it... I hope you enjoy the show!


Show Notes

Google Instant;

SEO Moz LDA Tool;

Eric Schmidt coverage;


Debra Mastaler's Alliance Link



#1 Matty Pants 2010-09-10 20:30
This is the best SEO talk I've heard in a long time. Casual, down to earth, and real...

Would be cool to hear more complete intros from all speakers so I know who they are in the community!

Thanks for (finally) something worth listening to from SEO folks.
#2 Markm 2010-11-08 13:44
I want to echo the first comment, great website and radio station / pod casts.

Its great to listen to SEO people who live in the real world and are not full of it.

Keep up the good work!

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