Saturday, April 19, 2014
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SEO Dojo Radio episode 6 with Richard Baxter on Rich Snippets

F-bombs and Microformats edition

Hello and welcome to another edition of SEO Dojo Radio! This week the regulars are back as is Justin and things are bound to get lively. Those with sensitive ears, might want to run NOW! ;)

On the agenda this week is;

  • Silly link building tactics and link cliques
  • New local SERPs, all local no organic
  • Siloing – is in back in vogue?
  • Yahoo Api Updates – Site Explorer survives
  • Does the SEO industry need consumer advocacy?

It will be a challenge getting them all in, but that's how we roll!


Talking Micro-formats

In the second half of the show this week we have (the one and only) Richard Baxter from SEO Gadget dropping in to talk with us about RDFa and micro-formats. For those not familiar with them, it is an area of SEO we're expecting more and more value in the coming years. For those not familiar with Richard, well.... he's one of my fav search geeks on the topic. It will surely be a ROCKIN session.

Richard Baxter

Thanks for dropping in and enjoy the show.

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