Hello my friends and welcome to this week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio. We should be having some good fun again as always. In the first half of the show we have the full set of regulars (although Rob wasn't awake, so Justin stepped up for us... hehe). We will be looking at;

  • Link Ponds – I bet you don't know what those are do ya? Well neither did we.
  • Pseudo Search – which is Google's new implicit site searches. Interesting stuff.
  • Inadequate search content and Demand Media (and related patents)
  • FaceBook Places – because we're just a social bunch
  • You Tube paks – Terry, the 'Universal Warrior' will give us the low down


In the second portion of the show we have Gabriella Sanino, of Level 343, who will be dropping in to talk to us about content development/strategy. As many of you might know we Dojo folks are big on content centric SEO programs, so it should be a great session

Gabriella Sannino


And there you have it.... enjoy the show!

Show Links;

Link Ponds post on SEJ

You Tube Paks post on Site Reference



Implicit Site Search;

Pseudo Site Search (More From This Domain – Extended)

Example with Huomah Search

Inadequate search content and Demand Media;

How Google Might Suggest Topics for You to Write About

How Demand Media May Target Keywords for Profitability

Demand Media Is Afraid That Google is Going to Compete With It


Facebook Places;

Post by Samir Balwani

Adage Post Terry Mentioned

Facebook places post on the Trail

Links from Gabriella chat;


4q Survey



Keo Tag

Some posts from Gabriella;

SEO Copywriting: The Road Less Traveled

SEO Copywriting: Is Your Copy Ready for Visitors?

SEO and Writing Quality Web Content


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