Saturday, April 19, 2014
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SEO Geeks News Vol 15

Tip of the week

Losing rankings? Traffic? Don’t panic.

One thing I have a great deal of experience in is dealing with (possible) Google penalties. From self inflicted wounds (such as buying/selling links) to sneak attacks (baddies hacking in) I’ve seen ‘em all.

What is quite common though, are people coming to me freaking out only to find that it was noting more than a data center blip or other temporary situation. And that’s your tip this week – don’t freak out!!

The folks at SEJ had a reasonable checklist the other day; 10 ways to diagnose a Google penalty – give it a read.

Talk of the town

Nofollow madness – for those sleeping under a rock last week, the nofollow tag seems to have had a major upheaval. Here is some of the coverage; Search Engine Land - SEO Moz

Google 302 hijack in action – Barry pick up on a Google Webmaster Help thread has a new example of one webmaster being 302 hijacked.

8 Key Points to Multiple Niche Sites And Controlling Back Links - A very in depth piece on building multiple sites for SERP dominance and link building.

How To Reach All Three Types Of Searchers In One Page Of Content – a good post from looking at targeting multiple query types on a single page.

SEO for Bloggers – Matt (Cutts) posted a slide show from his Word Camp presentation. Nothing earth shattering, but always worth looking at when if comes from Google.

Using Competitors To Build Links – some good pointers on doing competitive link profile analysis.

Data-Driven SEO – Industrial Strength SEO has a really good post covering, among other things, the ROI of SEO activities.

Andy's back! - my good mate, Andy Beard, is back blogging of late and has a look at the relations between (toolbar) PR and Twitter profiles and jumps into the whole ‘nofollow’ hub-bub

Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Microsoft Bing, with Powerset Inside – Bill Slawski looks under the hood at Bing.

CiteSeer - the first digital library and search engine to provide automated citation indexing and citation linking using the method of autonomous citation indexing.

Semantic Web and Enterprise: PricewaterhouseCoopers’ call to a Linked Data future – the enterprise world seems to be coming around to the semantic web and linked data!

Educational Video Search Engine – just like it sounds, a search engine for educational videos…how cool.

JD Supra - a repository of free legal information shared by the professionals who generate it. My results using it were so-so.

Festivals – search for information about community festivals, fairs and special events.


Bing on YouTube – the folks at MS have started a YouTube channel… kinda cool IMO. Nice to see them using YT like Google does (sort of).

Google Internet Summit 2009: Information is Power – Part 1 and Part 2

Laura Lippay:Outranking Your Competitors – Yahoo rep at SMX Advanced

What impact does server location have on rankings?
Matt Cutts takes another question – this time looking at geo-targeting.


Keyword and niche research with Yahoo answers – from Daily SEO Tip

5 Add-ons That Turn Firefox Into a Suped-up SEO Machine (via Search Engine Journal)

76% of SEMs Don't Fully Trust Google's Keyword Tool – from a survey at Search Engine Roundtable

Adding “bing” to Organic Search in Google Analytics – although I am sure GA will have this sorted shortly.

Slay The Analytics Data Quality Dragon & Win Your HiPPO’s Love! - tips and best practices to overcome the web metrics data quality challenge from Avinash.

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek Alerts

Search Patents

Google - RATING RATERS – spam busting for Reviewers

Microsoft - Domain knowledge-assisted information processing



Microsoft - Providing Suggestions During Formation of a Search Query


Yahoo - Method and systems for using community bookmark data to supplement internet search results

CJ's Walkabout

Our resident information retriever (and SOSG name-sake) shall be keeping an eye out for interesting goodies.

Here’s this week’s offering;

Ruud questions – CJ was chatting with Ruud over on the SEP blog

Reverse method for labeling the information from semi-structured web pages

Google’s Oligarchic Algorithm – don your tin foil for this one.

“Query-free” federated search – kinda interesting stuff…

/end SOSG session

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