Friday, April 18, 2014
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SEO Geeks Newsletter 3

Hello web warrior; welcome to another edition of search obsessed notes from another week in the trenches...

Tip of the week

Audits – external links, duplicate content, 404, indexation

One area that doesn’t seem to get covered a lot is tracking and audits. These are data sets that become extremely valuable to your SEO efforts. Some common elements to work with are;

  • Indexation – one should be tracking their site’s indexation on an ongoing basis. Often when there are problems on a site, indexation slippage is one of the first signs. I suggest monitoring this on a weekly basis and keeping an indexation history
  • External links – as we know whom you LINK TO can be far more damaging than who links to you. You should check on external links at least once a month with tools such as Xenu Link Slueth and the Bad Neighbourhood Checker (Google them).
  • Duplicate content – another important area that should be looked at each month. Check the core target pages of your site to ensure others are not stealing and outranking you for your own content. If I were a baddie, I could scrape your page and point better links to mine, hopefully convincing the search engines to rank me over yours. Definitely something to check on monthly
  • 404 Pages – another popular item, you may have links pointing to defunct pages and not know it. Each month sit down and check on referrers going to 404 pages and then 301 redirect them to appropriate existing content.

If you aren’t already checking and tracking these elements, it’s time you did. Having historical data can often help assess ranking problems and generally make for a smooth running SEO campaign.

Talk of the town

Compound Words in Search Advertising and SEO – Bill Slawski covered an interesting patent related to ad serving that does contain tidbits that SEOs can use a well. Phrases and theme’s are important in modern SEO. Give it a read.

Keyword suggestions just for you – some interesting research from Yahoo and Compete which shows some industry specific data relating to KW research.

Links per page – Matt Cutts reiterates some good reason to not over-do the links pointing out from a page.

Google patent claim settlement – while not really search related, interesting to see Google paid off this chap and his ‘Visual Voice Mail’ technology.

Google getting deeper into behavioural targeting – back in the day I used to cover advertising patents as well as search. One thing that has been big since 06 or so is behavioural targeting – it seems that’s come full circle.

Wiep does link testing - The conclusion of this particular test, is that an image link with an optimized anchor text is more valuable than a text link with an anchor text that is not optimized very well, in terms of ability to pass relevance.

Google goes too far? In what be the comment of the week, (if not the year) Bob Massa put out a helluva passionate response to one of Aaron’s posts this week;

Personalized Search – should you worry? As we’re now conducting the second round of testing into personalized search and Google re-rankings, this post caught my eye. While I don’t think there is reason to get overly concerned, the author does down play it a little too much. But give it a read anyway

Search Geek Central

Educational Search

Top Marks is a pretty nifty search engine for teaching resources, homework help and educational websites for use in the classroom. Great for the parents (and students out there)


Google Image Search – the folks at Google had an interesting video on image search for the universal search optimizers

Does anchor text carry through 301 redirects? Another from the ‘grab bag’ series with Matt Cutts; this time on 301s and links.

More questions about nofollow – yet another from Matt and his grab bag series.

Should corporations use canonical tag? Matt is back on last time this week, this time it's the canonical tag.


Keyword analysis is not all about keyword research tools – enjoyed this write up from Ann covering some tools that can be used to develop themes (last week’s tip)

FireFox Extentions – I do admit, there aren’t many tools I really use a lot, but this list has some handy ones (including the ones I use).

Google Analytics – as always, I am big on analytics for SEO in 2009, this week there was another post that caught my eye;

Buzz Stream - Wiep was covering a tool which I am also beta testing at the moment for link building management. I should have a write up soon, in the mean time have a read.

Geo-targeting check list - last week I posted a piece on the trail outlining the main considerations for Geo-targeting in SEO... learn it well!

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek Alerts

Search Patents - last week was a tad light on interesting search patents, but Google being awarded (another) on Phrase Based IR is certainly the highlight.

Google – Integrating external related phrase information into a phrase based indexing IR system – this is yet another in the series of Phrased Based IR from the fine folks at Google. Filed in Sept. 2007, it was likely one of Anna’s last before heading off to form Cuil.

Microsoft - Identifying important news reports from news home pages – filed in December of 05, this patent looks at identifying news homepages and calculates the importance based on authority and similarity.

Microsoft Flexible keyword searchingalso an oldie (filed in 04) this one looks at a variety of methods including rough match, character match, phrase matching and even phonetics. Nothing earth shattering, but an interesting read notne-the-less.

Microsoft - System and method facilitating page indexing employing reference information

Yahoo – nothing interesting from them this week except for some social patents for the now defunct Yahoo Mash (and one for Hot Jobs).

Cj’s walkabout

Our resident information retriever (and SOSG name-sake) shall be helping us keep an eye trained for interesting IR goodies. Here’s this week’s offerings –

Repurposing Theoretical Linguistic Data for Tool Development and Search

Document Representation and Query Expansion Models for Blog Recommendation

Searching for Expertise: Experiments with the Voting Model

The ISL RT-07 Speech-to-Text System

Information Visualization system for Internet IR systems

/end SOSG session

That's about it for this week... Be sure to check out the rest of My World - Fire Horse Trail - SEO Dojo - SEO Geeks Archive - SEO Consulting - the SEO Handbooks

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