Saturday, April 19, 2014
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SEO Geeks Newsletter 8

Tip of the Week

Don’t be cheap with content generation

Over the years as traditional link building routes have become less effective, content generation has moved to the forefront. If it is link bait on your site or content placement on others – one thing should be understood – don’t be cheap.

When I am talking to clients about creating linkable content I often tell them we want to create THE BEST page, tool or element of it’s kind on the market today. Part of that is hiring/contracting out to quality writers. Sure, it may mean paying $150-400 for 1000 word piece, but when compared to PAID LINKs, it’s really minimal. And with paid links, once you stop paying, the link love stops flowing. A quality piece on your site will continue to pull links over time… a much better investment.

So my tip this week… is to not do things on the cheap… You can read fellow Dojo Warrior Angie’s recent post on finding and working with quality copywriters;

Talk of the town

Google changes the game – also making the rounds last week was Google’s changes to referrer strings. The fact that they now include ranking data…is most certainly interesting. Here are a few posts;

Site links on the move (again) – recently we noticed the old-school style of site links popping up, now it seems Google is using them beyond the top listing as we’ve traditionally seen… very interesting stuff.

Tracking local traffic in GA – Matt McGee had an interesting post about tracking local data… As this become more and more important, this one’s worth book marking.

Blogging for Back links – Richard Baxter had a good post that looks at what we call ‘content placement’ aka; link building. It is certainly one of the new staples in the SEO world – so give this one a read if you’re not familiar with the practices.

Fine tune your robots – this is an excellent post that gives some great insight into the robots.txt protocols.

Link building via Social Media – I did enjoy Patricia’s post on the Scoop which looked at some link building strategies for Social Media.

SEO for Navigational searches – are you maximizing the opportunities to nail the navigation search market? If not… give this a read.

Search Geek Central

Search Stuff

Wolfram update – noticed an interesting post about the much awaited Wolfram Engine.

Search Wiki Patent? I wasn’t entirely sure about this Google patent myself, but Bill seems to think some of its elements ended up in the Search Wiki feature – either way, an interesting read.

Google Blog Search Updates Link Query Algorithm – Barry was reporting that Google has updated the ‘link:’ command for Blog Search…

Socially conscious search engine - Hoongle

Outwit technologies has a pretty interesting Hub application that allows you to “grab and organize all kinds of data and media from online sources.” – still playing with it, but so far its pretty interesting.

Artcyclopedia - the definitive and most effective guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet (fine art search engine).

the Playground Search engine – as a parent, I thought this was pretty cool!

The vegetarian search engine – another interesting find for recipes, restaurants and more.


Machine learning for access and retrieval – some uber geekiness from the UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin

How can I optimize for "deep web" crawling? – Matt Cutts grab bag answers

Targeted Blackhat SEO Attack against Ford Motor Co.


SEO Toolbars compared – sadly I didn’t see a lot of tools that really grabed me this week, but we can always count on Ann to provide some filler, oui?

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek Alerts

Search Patents - last week was a tad light on interesting search patents -

Yahoo – Method and apparatus for performing a search

Microsoft - Facilitating document classification using branch associations

Microsoft - Method and system for performing phrase/word clustering and cluster merging


Cj’s walkabout

Our resident information retriever (and SOSG name-sake) shall be helping us keep an eye trained for interesting IR goodies. Here’s this week’s offerings –

More link analysis methods

Ricardo Baeza-Yates “People don’t want to search”

Measuring the Search Effectiveness of a Breadth-First Crawl

Beyond Google - Other Good Search Engines (PDF)

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google (PDF)

Spam Double-Funnel: Connecting Web Spammers with Advertisers (PDF)

/end SOSG session

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