Saturday, April 19, 2014
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SEO is too hard, spammers are winning, bla bla bla...whateva'

Hey there, what's shakin'? It's time again for this week's edition of SEO Dojo Radio! Yes, I know, you've been just dying for it right? This week it will just be the regulators (Terry, Steve, Justin and myself) talking smack for the next hour or so. Among the many things we're hoping to cover, we have;

  • From the (Dojo) Boards; is SEO getting too hard?
  • On SNC; Search user behaviour study
  • Comment spam WTF?
  • Shopping @ Google heats up
  • Google; my signals are bigger than yours
  • closes; are directories dead?
  • Matt Cutts speaks

What's with the sasquatch? It's a running gag, tune in for more...Oh and thanks to the nearly 200 peeps each week DL'ing the show on iTunes, we're humbled.

We've no guest this week, so you're stuck with us. We were hoping to have Barry Schwartz on, but he's feeling under the weather, so we will have him back on next week with us. We've a LOT of goodies to yak about this week, so it won't be a problem.

On with the show;


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