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SEO Newsletter Nov 29 2011

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Get into the groove with the SEO Training Dojo

Sure, it's probably not the TOP story this week, but once in awhile we do have to toot our own horns around here. This news;etter takes nearly 4hrs each week to get together, so I hope you don't mind me using it as a bit of a platform today.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that the Dojo's birthday special ends tomorrow and as such I am adding another 10% to the usual newsletter discount (on the right) up to 35% off any membership plan (using the code; dojonews ). This will only be good until tomorrow 12pm EST though.

Discount code; dojonews

Dojo Dicount

We're having an OPEN Friday chat

Each week we have a Friday chat session on various topics and even bring guests in from time to time. It's considered one of the high-points of the SEO Dojo... which we love. This week we will be opening the doors to the public. If you don't decide to use the offer above, at least come and join us on Friday! Details below...

The SEO Dojo Friday Chat Goes Public


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Getting Your Business on Google+ Webinar

The Problem With QR Codes

Are you reaching your target B2B audience?

Cutt's Corner

No Matt sightings....


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Search Patents


Scheduler for search engine crawler

Using geographic data to identify correlated geographic synonyms

Systems and methods for analyzing boilerplate

Similarity-based searching

Business listing search

Providing question and answer services

Document scoring based on doncument content update

Personailized Network Searching

Scoring local search results based on location prominence

Systems and methods for detecting commercial queries

Segmenting words using scaled probabilities

Presentation of Local Results

Spreading comments to other documents

Demotion of repetitive search results

Document scoring based on query analysis

Dynamic determination of location-identifying search phrases

Query rewriting with entity detection

Search queries improved based on query semantic information

Inferring user interests

Parallel processing of data

Social media enabled advertising

Seeking answers to questions

Geocoding personal information

Methods and systems for adjusting a scoring measure based on query breadth

Document ranking based on semantic distance between terms in a document

Framework for evaluating web search scoring functions

Methods and systems for correlating connections between users and links between articles

Dictionary Word and Phrase Determination

Displaying search results based on density

Method and system for mining image searches to associate images with concepts

Method and apparatus for automatically annotating images

Systems and methods for providing search query refinements

Counting unique search results

Method and system for providing targeted documents based on concepts automatically identified therein

Blocking of Unlicensed Audio Content in Video Files on a Video Hosting Website

Using Viewing Signals In Targeted Video Advertising

Television Related Searching

Agent Rank


Reccomendation ranking system with distrust

Applying model of a persona to search results

Shopping search engines

Integrating a Search Service with a Social Network Resource

Web-scale entity relationship extraction

Manipulation and management of links and nodes in large graphs

Automatic diagnosis of search relevance failures

Domain collapsing of search results

Semi-automatic example-based induction of semantic translation rules to support natural language search

Social home page

Automatic query suggestion using sub-queries

Using behavior data to quickly improve search ranking

Ranking search results using click-based data

Active prediction of diverse search intent behavior

Retrieval of structured documents

Scalable Incremental Semantic Entity and Relatedness Extraction from Unstructured Text

User modification of a model applied to search results

Information retrieval system with customization

Identifying location names within documenttext

Techniques to perform relative rankings for search results

Training an ranking function using propogated document relevance

Location context mining

Learning diverse rankings over document collections

Learning a ranker to rank eintities with autmoatically derived domain-specific preferences

Comparisons of entities of a particular type

Providing search results in response to a search query

Context-aware query classification

Identifying malicious queries

Topics in relevance ranking model for web search

Learning user intent from rule-based training data

Extracting structured data from web queries


Performing bi-directional search

Method and system for socializing events

Incorporating Geographical Locations in a Search Process

Large scale concept discovery for webpage augementation using search engine indexers

Determining relevant text in a web page

System for automatically categorizing queries

Hierarchically-structured indexing and retrieval

System and method for classifying tags of content using a hyperlinked corpus of classified web pages

Method and apparatus for reconstructing a search query

Large scale entity-specific resource classification

Selectively adding social dimension to search

Query processing for web search

Customized geographical location indexing

Contextual ranking of keywords using click data

Learning ranking functions incorporating boosted ranking in a regression framework for information retrieval and ranking

System and method for adding identity to web rank

System and method for context based query augmentation

Friendly search and socially augmented search query assistance layer

Social network commerce model

/end SOSG session

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