Thursday, April 24, 2014
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SEO Training Dojo Birthday Bash 2012!

Welcome to a special episode of SEO Dojo Radio! This is a SEO Training Dojo Birthday episode on Search Geeks Speak where members including Marj Wyatt a WordPress Ninja, Doc Sheldon Co-owner, Top Shelf Copy AKA the SEO Curmudgeon, Wissam Dandan:  International SEO consultant AKA the Wiz and Eren McKay a Social Media Strategist got things started with Eric Wu Head of SEO @ Buzz Media and from we were joined by CEO Jake Parks spoke a few more memorable words than the star of the Regulators Justin Park!

SEO Dojo birthday bash with Eren McKay, doc Sheldon, Wissam Dandan, Marj Wyatt, Eric Wu and Justin and Jake Parks.

Show Notes

David got things rolling with Caffeine and roll outs and then we went on to Links where to next? How do people 'build' links? Dave  and Terry proclaim Eren and Steve as Pinterest Royalty which led to a discussion on things going Viral on Pinterest with Marj citing an article that intimated you could predict viral content on Youtube and someone dropped the Dojo Favorite.

636,566,620 in a little over 3 months!!!!!!

Marj and Eren didn't agree with Eren citing a Jenifer Anniston video for smartwater to which Terry argued that if she took her top off it would go viral for sure!

Dave and Doc started talking about Dave's Blogger outreach RIP post on SEW which was a segue into Links, EMDs, Newtorks, Content (GooPLA/Panda)... where to next?; and eventually a post on distilled and then finished off with Disavow tool; what's the big fuss? Somewhere along the way T was going on about the old days of SEO and the Wiz dropped an Image from Barry Adams's the gang went on to and Eren dropped a link on redirects at some point.

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