Thursday, April 24, 2014
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About the SEO Training Dojo

About the SEO DojoWe are here to teach, learn, and grow. Every teacher a student. Every student, a teacher. This SEO Training Dojo was founded to give those with an interest in search optimization, personally or professionally, a place to gain knowledge, interact and even teach others the craft.

The community was started as a place to collect search related documents, interact with others and spread the word of search optimization in it's highest form. We felt there needed to be a place for the new adventurers and uber search engine geeks alike. For determined website owners, or professional SEOs, the in-house, the consultant... the shirt maker. All are welcome.


Started From a Seed

The Dojo was started by one seriously obsessed search geek and blogger; David Harry. With over 14 years in web development and marketing experience and 6 years of writing and blogging, he's had the vision and passion to bring our SEO training community to life.

He currently writes on his personal SEO blog, our sister site Search News Central and contributes at Search Engine Watch (and in the past; Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and more).

Noted on such respected industry sites as;

Featured On

and many, many more....


A Home for the Search Obsessed

This is a home for the obsessed search geek who wants to be the best as well as part of a strong community. The Dojo also seeks to expand on it's martial arts roots by teaching and giving back to the community at large. This is a place to hone your craft. This is about the Art and the Mechanics.

We are looking to create greater awareness not only of the basics, but a higher level of knowledge and skill sets for even the experienced SEOs out there. If you're tired of the same old optimization information and conversations; if you're seeking a path to greater knowledge, then you've found a home here.


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