Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The Irregulars: The FU Google Hour

Welcome to another episode of SEO Dojo Radio! This week Ammon Johns, Doc Sheldon, Lee Beirne, Barrie Moran, Rob Wagner and more joined an inpromptu hangout! "The Irregulars" or as Barrie dubbed us Silver Surfers (lots of old fogies on the panel) discussed the Search and Social Media events in the news this week!

This week they rapped for a few hours about When Social Media Goes Public, Who Is Served?; Google GEO developers blog announces new embed that will eventually have competitors included; It's all Going Not Provided; After the Tracking Cookie : A Web War Without End?;  Toyota Collaborator with Google+; According to Yandex Links are Dead!!;  Google Adds Cars To Knowledge Graph; Good post on why popover/ups increase conversion and why that's bad.... and more!

The Regulators

Here's the video version (podcast is below that);

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Show Notes

the Regulators:

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