Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The Regulators: Eric Schmidt Sighting, Remove Any Page, Google Plus Here to Stay and More

Welcome to another week on the SEO News Trail with the SEO Dojo Radio's A Team "the Regulators!" rockin' the commentary hard. Justin Parks our Social Media Madman had a few social media and Twitter tidbits, Feydakin AKA Steve Gerenscer was just back from a biz seminar, The Gypsy had the usual bag full of geeky goodies and me ...always got a rant or two at the ready ... unfortunately the boys know how to get me goin'!

The Regulators

Lots for the boys to go over around the fire tonight with an Eric Schmidt Sighting!; Remove any page ya want!; Directories suck?; Google Plus - here to stay?; Stumble sending more traffic than FB?; Google social search; are they implementing User Rank?;Will confucious cause havoc in the Q&A space?;Google Infinite scrolling; Google Infinite scrolling; Scoble at it again and Google changing TITLEs again?

Let's get it on!


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