Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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the Regulators: Facebook Busted; Google Facebook Killer and Bill Slawski Video!

Welcome to another week of "the Regulators" podcast on SEO Dojo Radio! The Gypsy and Webmaster T mounted up and headed down the SEO/Social News Trail meeting up with Justin for some Social Geeking and further down the traffic trail caught up with Steve for some SEO goodness!

The Regulators

This week the guys yakked about... FaceBook tries Smearin' Google; How Facebook Enables The Google Social “Scraping” It’s Upset About; How Google Is Secretly Building Its Facebook Killer; Borker faces 5 to 6 years; the Obi Wan Kenobi is killed Spoof; Define Changed; Matt on the Canonical tag; The +1 button is coming!; Is outing good or bad?; Google Faces $50 Million Lawsuit Over Android Location Tracking; Google Near Deal in Drug Ad Crackdown and if you are interested in that Google Facebook killer check out Bill Slawski's video for WPW below on some Google Social patents that were recently approved.p>

Let's get it on!


Show Notes

Bill Slawski on Google Social Patents

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