Thursday, April 24, 2014
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the Regulators: GWT lists dupes...Panda?, GPlaces gets SERP Facelift, Google Facebook War? & more!

Welcome to another week of the Regulators "3 amigos Version 1.002" (fer all you Panda Numberin' bastards) on SEO Dojo Radio! Unfortunately SteveG was buildin' the Tennessee homestead so The Gypsy, Webmaster T and JP the social media star hit the Social and Search Engine industry news trail. There was lots to discuss so....

The Regulators

This week the guys sat around and shot the bull about: Google Plus gets Biz pages; Google Places facelift complete; Webmaster Tools messages for duplicate content; Great overview on the FB and Google war; The meltdown and Yahoo continues; "Not Provided" up to 7-14%? Really?; More Panda stuff? Or Vince?; Google into the Cable TV business?; How To spot an SEO Butthead; We need the MOZ to evaluate links? (PA/DA) and more!


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