Friday, April 25, 2014
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The Regulators: I've a Horse Outside!

This week all "the Regulators" were back in the saddle and hittin' the SEO & Social Media news trail! There were several good topics and posts to choose from this week so sit back and enjoy the show!

The Regulators

Steve's Bitches are back, Justin did a bit of a Social Media Roundup with Terry adding a pointer to a post on Influence and the Gypsy was doin "things that make Dave go hmmmmmm" with all of us chiming in on Google On Outranking Stolen Content; advice on Panda (STFU)and Bing Webmaster Ecosystem; Matt is the GoogleGuy - DUH.

From Search news "the Regulators" talked about Google's Purchase of Vig Link (gotta Love the Name!); Google Video coming to an end! and from the Dojo.... I've gotta Horse Outside... An Irish Diddy!!

Let's get it on!


Show Notes

  • Google Dynamic Linking
  • Google Ventures Buys Vig Link
  • Vig Link Demo
  • Google On Outranking Stolen Content
  • Bing Webmaster Ecosystem
  • Google Video coming to an end!
  • Matt is the GoogleGuy - DUH x2
  • Identifying Influencers on Twitter
  • I've Gotta Bleedin' Horse Outside!

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