Friday, April 18, 2014
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The Regulators: Panda Losers, Author and Canonical Tags and FairSearch says Google is a Problem and more

Welcome to another episode of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! This week Dave, Justin, Steve and Terry mounted up and headed down the dusty trail called SEO and Social news!

The Regulators

At the end of the trail the guys discussed Bing and Google treating rel-canonical differently; Panda Losers;Google plus - low traffic; Google Plus Lesson; FairSearch: The Google Problem; Google Buys Co it's in Patent Dispute; Twitter finally gets the Tweet trademark; Impressions down - engagement up on FB; Googler Rants about G+;Ads on twitter - someone has nailed it; Google buys twitter analytics co; Google Beer? reallly?


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