Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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The Regulators; Search News Feb 03 2011

Welcome to this week's offering of the Regulators; spicey search news that's most certainly NOT for the whole family! This edition Steve, Justin, Terry and of course, yours truly are in the house and ready to dish it out. And there's no shortage of great topics... February started with a BANG.

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This week on the show we're getting into;

  • The Google Algorithm Change
  • Jackass of the week award
  • You stole our results!! (Google v Bing)
  • Well known SEO makes dumb statement
  • Facebook is Groupon's lastest challenge
  • Demand Media IPO - really?
  • Google sandbox is bunk

...and likely more. That's what's on our list at least...

Let's get it rolling shall we?

NOTE; if you missed it, also check out the SGS Keyword Research podcast from Monday


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