Sunday, April 20, 2014
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The Regulators; Search News Feb 10 2011

Hello there stranger... how's things? It's time for everyone's favourite 1hr of rambling on the world of search. Considering the chatter the boys had going pre-show it's looking like a NSFW kind of week on the show. More than usual even. I hope you're having a great week...

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This week on the show we're getting into;

  • RDFa and Best Buy
  • Blekko Removes 20 'Spam' sites
  • Jason Calacanis talks content farms
  • Huffington and AOL --- more like LOL?
  • New Google PageRank Formula
  • What is advanced SEO?
  • Big changes coming to Google?
  • Google; changes at the top
  • sold for $127 MIL...
  • AdMob Exec Leaves Google; Kevin Scott Joins LinkedIn

...and likely more.

Let's get it rolling shall we?


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