Thursday, April 24, 2014
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The Regulators SEO Podcast February 6th 2014

Welcome to another episode of "the Regulators" on SEO Dojo Radio! This week David Harry, Steve Gerencser and Terry Van Horne were joined by another Dojo and SEO Pro prankster Barrie Moran who is the first of many guest hosts as we try and replace the magic that Just-in Time Parks brought to the show each and every week! Justin will be hard to replace and well frankly we hope he returns some day so we'll just keep the seat warm for him! We're going to miss you buddy! the Hosts continued on a course bringing their brand of chaos and mayham to Search and Social Media events in the news this week!

This week the guys discussed 4 content marketing strategies that still build links; 3 ways build quality backlinks without guest posting; SEO as a stand alone tactic is dead; Google now is adorable when its confused; Moz has UGC in its' site architecture; SEO: what you need to know about on page optimization; Google settles EU antitrust probe by promising links to competitors; Google sells off Motorola for 2.9B; Googles latest manual action is a penalty for spammy structured markup; is there a theme to googles latest acquisition binge; New M$ CEO has connection to Search; Indexing iFrame pages and more!

The Regulators

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