Monday, April 21, 2014
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the Regulators: Rich Snippets for music, Crowdsourcing on G+, Managing site-links in GWT and more

Welcome to another week of the Regulators on SEO Dojo Radio! Justin was off to the Mother land ...hmmm was that why the Google spam police were formed in Dublin.......There was lots happening this week so ... pitter, patter lets get at 'er!

The Regulators

The boys had lots to talk about today starting with Google Hiring Spam Fighters In Dublin; Doc's e-book Critical thinking for the Discerning SEO; Rich Snippets for music; Crowdsourcing on G+; Still lots of chatter around new G site links; Managing site-links in GWT; Watch out for botnet; Gotta love Google dorks; Doing outreach the right way; Google Redefines Penalty in Webmaster Guidelines; ABOUT in site: command; Facebook likes illegal in Germany; Can down time hurt your rankings?; Do G+1 improve rankings?; LinkedIn Today back in the news and Google Street view approved in Isreal and more!


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